Megans wish - chapter 6 now out!

Chapter 1 - discovery

Drip. Drip. Drip.
A normal sound for Megan to arise to, although she is more comfortable with an alarm clock, leaving home, her family to become an archeologist was far more exciting rather than being a potato farmer.
Picking up the nearby mouldy bucket, she placed it under the leak, leaving her bed and tying her hair in a bun. Megan was a fairly pretty girl, long black hair, hazel eyes, and a beauty mark on her left cheek, the only problem, her society. Living in 2057 is a harsh world, men only take notice to fat, chubby girls, swooning over them, but walking down the street for her? Nobody says hello, not even a glance at the toothpick, she was invisible in the world, that's how she liked it. But some days, she wished she could be fat, obese, be loved by men and maybe impress her family, but that surely wouldnt happen, leaving her city, she packed up her bags and left for archeological studies, finding more interesting things and greater finds than her own life.

She got into her uniform, smoothing out the crinkles and tying her shoes, "let's hope today I hit the jackpot.." She whispered, looking behind at her apartment and locking the door. Hopping off the front porch she slid into her car, turning the ignition and driving off to the discovery site, once arriving she closed her car door, locking it and slipping down through the gravel and mud. Resting her suitcase on a table under a shelter, she pulled out a portable shovel, magnifying glass and torch, closing it she returned to her work station, continuing to dig for hours, finding rocks, gems, but no artefacts.

Seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours, her fingers were aching, her eyes every now and then wandering off the dirt, "Megan, you still found nothing?" Her boss, lecturing her over the lousy work she was putting herself through. "Others have found rings, crowns, heck even what could be a jewellery box! And all you've found is dirt and rocks, sorry to take your time but, till you find something remotely worth money, your not leaving the area." He snickered, his heavy work boots dragging in the dirt as he left the site, leaving Megan. She silently cursed, continuing to dig longer, then, her shovel bent with a crack. Carefully putting it aside she grabbed the torch, looking through the dirt, suddenly finding a hint of gold.

Smiling to herself she went back to her suitcase, grabbing a spare shovel and returning to the gold item, digging it out from the dirt, soon it lodged out, covered in dust, grime and mud. It looked to be a worthless metal lamp, but, it could be worth a couple bucks. "Ew, it's disgusting.." She hissed, rubbing it on her top, desperate to get rid of the muck, suddenly a puff of smoke burst from the lamp, like a magicians trick, once it subsided, just above the meekly lamp resided a Genie.

"What will your wish be? You have 6 wishes, no rules apply, the power of the stars is in my hand." The Genie boomed, staring down at Megan, who was in awe. "I.. I can wish for anything?" She asked, "yes, it is my job" The genie proudly said, smiling. Megan's mind was buzzing, was this a joke? A trick from her mind? But her eagerness took the best of her, "I think I know just what to wish for..." She grinned.

Hello! This is Gullible! My first story on FF, should we continue with Megan's fate? Let me know! And tell me how you liked the story!

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DragonMaster 5 years
"Ta da Dearie" is that a reference Rumpelstiltskin in the tv show once upon a time.
Chrysophase2003 5 years
accommodate the needs of the subject and commands of the feeder. For that matter, if the world loves her for who she is, this is an act of love. Unless the genie is playing them off each other. 3/3
Chrysophase2003 5 years
So what's essentially changed is who is in control of her growth. Noah, for unclear reasons, is trying to fill the unfillable. I'm not a fan of fat bigger than a house, so hopefully the house changes to 2/
Chrysophase2003 5 years
She's going to be fattened or stuffed to death, but how will that work out considering her wishes? Healthy and insatiable, which negate the two means of dying by food. Perhaps Noah doesn't know about these wishes? 1/
Womansbellyl... 6 years
Keep up the good work!
Doggy375 6 years
It would be nice if she become as fat as an elephant!
GullibleCougher 6 years
Thanks Sean! Will do.
GullibleCougher 6 years
I definitely will Theswordsman!
Theswordsman 6 years
Definitely continue
GullibleCougher 6 years
Any certain areas BBWcreator82?
I’d be glad to fix them!
BBWcreator82 6 years
Needs Editing.