All that she wants

chapter 1 part 1/3

BDSM, kidnapping, force feeding, science fiction. And very explicit sex scenes. Note: the pic is one I found on a reddit feed, and this story is total fiction, and I in no way think people should actually kidnap and perform unwanted surgeries on their step siblings. Chapter 1 is a bit slow, but then things rev up. Incomplete for now. First story ever ever, be gentleish with your harsh flames.

Chapter 1

She sat hunched over the red dinner table, all alone in her booth. Two burger wrappers lay ripped open and disregarded on her tray next to a half drunk extra large sweet tea. She was working slowly on the fries, adding more salt to them as she went. Even though she didn't want more salt. Didn't want it, didn't need it. But she was kept tossing it on and dunking them into the chocolate shake next to her. She would order another round when she was done.

Once upon a time dunking fries into a shake had been her and her father, Christopher, favorite thing to do. Every Sunday they went to a local diner, and ordered one large fry plus large shake and shared. Just the two of them, their special daddy daughter date.

That had been before. So many years before. Before everything.

Belinda Colten was a large girl. She always had been. She was tall, curvy, with a pert belly, had a cherubic face and a large pair of brown doe eyes set off by her pale skin, black hair and dark dark lashes. Normally she had a soft smile on her face, and despite her overall softness, she came off as more strong and thick then weak and flabby. She knew how to dress for her size, had excellent posture and was actually rather active for her weight. She was also smart, funny and kind. Once you looked past her body type, she was a pretty rare breed of lovely inside and out.

But none of that mattered right now. As she thought back on it, none of it had mattered for years.

Her mother Gillian had looked like her; tall, round and dark haired. She was kind and giving, and though the Coltons were more then well off then most Gillian kept them living simply. In actuality the family were the owners of a huge pharmaceutical and medical research brand. Christopher and his sister were the third generation and had expanded upon that brand till the family was buy your own country rich. They had a small three bedroom house on a large plot of land, Belinda played with normal kids who never knew that they were "THE Coltons" or that Belindas father was anymore then a well off businessman. Heck, the Colton company owned most of the town where Belinda grew up and employed more then half of them as well.

Gillian kept them on a strict budget, and used her free time not to attend fancy events or show off, but to be an involved parent. She went to every PTA meeting, and often brought loads of delicious fattening treats. Some of the other moms made fun of her round status, but she was the one who finished well within the suggested time at the kindergarten 10K fun run whiles those skinny bitches got winded half way through it ("not eating isn't a kind of diet" Gillian would tell her daughter when people remarked on their bodies) and all the other kids loved to come to the Colton house for treats and fun. Belinda and her father adored Gillian. And for a while it was the perfect family of three, though Belinda always hoped for a baby sister to take care of and love.

Gillian died in a car wreck when Belinda was 8. Christopher and his daughter were devastated. He tried to keep his Sundays with his daughter, but then he threw himself into his work in effort to hide from the pain, thinking a nanny and possessions might help dull his daughters pain. It was during this obsessive phase that instead of healing, Belinda became obsessed with the idea of taking care of someone and keeping them safe. She dreamed her father would come home and never leave, that he would come to rely on her to take care of him. Jennifer, her aunt, tried to do what she could to help, but she was a scientist and only 25 herself. She was busy in the R&D part of the company while her brother ran the business end. She made the small suburban town in Kansas where her brother and niece lived her homebase and set to work building a huge research and development facility in the town. But she was still frequently called away. If not on trips to lecture or work on projects, then to some of the deeper more top secret developments being made at the Colton Research Center.

Christopher, meanwhile, well he found Lavinia. Nearly three years had passed since Gillian, the love of his life, had passed on. And maybe the time, and the fear of truly loving someone, and maybe because she fit the bill of what people said a man of his status SHOULD be with, led him to marry a woman the exact opposite of Gillian. GIllian, caring and pale skinned with dark hair and a round belly. Lavinia, short, blonde, spray tanned and above all skinny. Not so much fit skinny as "didn't eat much" skinny. The only curves she had were her large fake breasts, and the perfectly sculptured shape of her lips (also fake). And with Lavinia came with an equally skinny blonde daughter, Margaret Margaret.

Gone were her special Sundays, gone were the feelings that her mothers warm presence and warm hugs had given her. But it was OK, because Belinda had a sister. She had a sister that would need her, that would love her and be her friends. She could take care of her new little sister. Margaret (She never went by nicknames like Mags or Peg or Peggy) was one year younger and Belinda knew she could make her and her new mother love her. She had someone to care for, finally. She and her father would always love and miss her mother, but they could move on just a bit and their new family would be happy and full of love and taking care of one another.

But it hadn't worked out that way. Not at all. No matter how hard Belinda tried Margaret never warmed to her, and neither did Lavinia. And while they half play acted a tolerance and slight care for her, when Belinda's father was gone (which he frequently was, due to work) their hostility was even more evident. Cruel jibs at her weight, mean comments, once after a girl at school remarked how pretty Belinda's dark black brown hair was, she found Nair hair removal in her shampoo bottle. Belinda brushed it off as Margaret dealing with not being an only child anymore. She made exceed and would do whatever Margaret seemed to need her to do. It was a trait that allowed Lavinia and her daughter to exploit the young girl at any opportunity with little chance of being caught.

It got worse when Christopher died three years later in a rather suspicious plane accident. At 14 Belinda was orphaned, and though her Aunt Jennifer desperately wanted to take her in, the will Christopher wrote stated that Lavinia only got to continue her lavish lifestyle if she kept Belinda until she was 20 and in college.

So Lavinia did, and she made Belindas life hell. They had uprooted the family from Kansas to New York with in months of entering the Coltons life but they, but then Lavinia moved them all to Los Angeles for "a fresh start". She sent Margaret to elite private schools but told Belinda that her appearance was too embarrassing to allow her to go somewhere people might realize who she was. She instead made sure they had a PO box in one of the worst school districts and sent Belinda via bus there. Though legally on paper Belinda was the heir to her fathers fortune, Lavinia hired a PR manager who made it seem like Belinda didn't really exist, and that Margaret was "the beloved step daughter who was more like the daughter her always wanted" and heir to everything. It was amazing what revisionist history money can buy.

Since Belinda ended up doing most of Margarets work, it was like she went to the brilliant prep school away ways. And she was smart, so smart that she was able to graduate early and started doing college courses secretly online at 16. But she still tried to take care of her step mother and step sister, she was determined they would love her one day- they were all she had left. Afterall, her aunt was far away in Kansas (and Lavinia and made rather expensive efforts to make it seem like she had no time to connect with Belinda). If she just tried hard enough, they would HAVE to love her and be her family. Staying at home made her weight, always a point of disgust for her step family, go up.

It didn't help that her sister would convince her to eat the fancy and fattening "gifts" that boys gave her. Margaret told Belinda that she just couldn't say no to it, but hated waste (which was bull, considering she would wear an outfit once and toss it in the garbage soon after), so her sister HAD to eat it to help her. So Belinda ballooned up, which Lavinia was both disgusted and twistedly happy about. Margaret on the other hand had to pretend it was disgusting but secretly she got a thrill out of it. Belinda kept being pretty, even when she put on weight. Something that bothered both Margaret and her mother. Lavinia was even more bothered when she saw how excited it made her daughter and soon that little scheme was taken out of commission.

Jennifer had a lot of problems with everything going on in LA, but she had already built her facility in Kansas and couldn't move it. She flew out when she could but it was hard when so many of her developments required her to be physically there. It didn't help that Lavinia made it hard for Jennifer and Belinda to connect. Lies, deceit, hiring people to read their mail... it was a bit obsessive but Lavinia was a special kind of a sociopath.

**more to come. comment if you like or want more, or if you have suggestions or ideas etc.
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