About will power

chapter 1

A shorter (well, compared to my other planned stories) story in the same world as "All that she wants" but with a different BBW/FA and a scheming couple who learn who's will really is stronger.
BDSM, Force feeding, XWG, SSBBW, SSBHM

Rosie sat back on the recliner, her deft fingers opening the package on the four pack of king sized recess cups. Leaning back, shifting her hair over her shoulder she selected one and put the package down. Slowly she peeled off the black wrapper, the candy was still chilled from the fridge so that the chocolate was firm in her hand. She lifted the candy to her lips, and closed her eyes as she bit down, the perfect balance of chocolate and creamy peanut butter hitting her tongue. Her favorite. Delicious.

She opened her dark green eyes and starred across the room, as she slowly chewed making an "mmm" sound. She was a hefty girl, no one would ever call her thin, or skinny, or slender. Curves on curves, plus sized and pretty. her face was rounded, but without a double chin. Her shoulders straight under the curtain of dark blonde waves, her skin pale and slightly freckled. And the look on her face...

It as one of lust and happiness. But not just for the chocolate she still held delicately in her hand. One bite, and more to go in the delicious kind sized cup.

There were three left, actually, there were piles of them in a bag next to her. In a bag next to dozens of other bags. But they weren't for her.

Oh no.

"It's your own damn fault" they just to say.

They used to make fun of her, tell her that her curves were a result of lack of will power. Mock her and call her names. Fatty fatty two by four. So fat she sat and the world fell off it's axis. Fat lazy piggy slob. They would tell her to go to the gym, to get off the sofa, that she smelt and was ugly. That no one would love a gross pile of blubber.

She was heavy yes, she had a backside that moved when she walked, a belly with rolls and arms that were pillowy soft. And her breasts, well, they were large and not the perkiest, but they were real and more then a few men (and women) had seen her and imagined burying their face in that cleavage.

Genetics are strange. Her whole family was large, but they had amazingly strong hearts, low blood pressure, and healthy dispositions. They moved with a grace and ease that stood in contradiction to their waists and meal choices.

Yes, she was fat, chubby, plump, roll polly etc. But she was also beautiful. And she knew it.

True, she had moments of doubt, moments of sadness and tears, but she had moved on from that years ago.

It was all about will power. And she had it in spades. The will to keep going, the will to continue moving and laughing and loving.

But they had no such will power.

The worst of her tormentors, a couple from high school, Mara and James, had made sure she knew how disgusting they thought she was. Their good genetics combined with sports and parents who tended to lord over their meal choices led them to be thing most of their lives.

Then college happened.

They gained, but not much. But neither of them were used to denying them selves what they wanted when they wanted, so the freshmen 15 came and stayed. Not much more, but not much less.

Then their 20s, they had gotten married mostly because it seemed the thing to do. And a little more weight crept in.

No will power. They spent money they didn't have, and ate calories they really couldn't afford to have. But genetics kept up and they didn't gain much.

Then along came Rosie. Successful and happy, they thought they found a target. They thought her good nature would let them scam her, use her. They played nice, pretending to run into her at a bar. Thought she would be easy, after all, she had no will power and was easy to manipulate. They would play her like a fat fiddle and leave her penniless and broken. Probably eat her way to an early grave anyways so no harm no foul. One less fatty taking up space.

Mara and James had no idea how wrong they were.

It started slow. They convinced her they were sorry for their behavior, took her out (with stolen credit cards and borrowed cars). They took her to lavish meals, and went out as few times before they told her a sob story about losing their home and the unfair hands life had dealt them.

Rosie made the nosies they wanted to hear, offering them a place to stay, telling them she accepted their apologies and was so glad they could finally be friends. They all smiled at one another, playing along. Mara barely held her shudder in when she grabbed Rosies thick arm and hugged her, feeling her belly squish against her own toned (the toning was mostly in Maras mind, she still felt she was as glorious as she was in high school) torso. A drunken James made a comment about how they would help out, because Rosie surely had huge grocery bills, because she obviously liked to eat (though he had eaten and drunk more then his fair share that night).
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