It was my pleasure

chapter 1

Fat Magic, revenge, SSBBW, XWG, SSBHM, Sexual situations
I own the story, it;s not based on anything real. DOn't like this type of festishy stuff? then why are you on this site and reading it.

"now now, what ever shall we do with you" a voice soft and silky asked.

The room was dark, and in the middle of it, frozen in place, stood a thin young woman. She had a look of terror on her face, and her eyes, the only part of her that could move darted frantically.

In front of her a woman all and voluptuous dress all in a curve hugging black dress walked around her.

She had no idea how she got there, no idea where she was or what was about to happen. But she knew it could be nothing good. She kept struggling to grasp at memories, but they drifted like smoke.

Had she been in a shop? A sweet shop she thinks ,she had said something, a few somethings, many times maybe?

But as soon as her mind touched a memory it seemed to evaporated.

The tall women walking around her seemed to be examining her.

"I have use for a girl such as yourself, but only with some... modifications" she grinned, her teeth were sharp and bright white in her lightly tanned skin. Her hair was dark and inky black to go with her dark black eyes, and her skin was white and almost shimmery. And her lips.. her lips were bright red like a cherry. She tapped her nails on her hip and pursed her lips examining what was in front of her.

"I could wait and take my time, a house of candy could do the trick, but hmmm maybe something different this time" she muttered.

She walked forward to the frozen figure and gently spun her in place, as if she was in a disc. The frozen girl was slight, maybe 5'3", thin and muscular, with small firm perky B cups for breasts, and a tight bubble butt. She was in peak health in her early 20's but had a face that probably meant she occasionally got carded at bars. Her hair was a dark golden blonde and her eyes a light green. Her skin held onto the golden remnants of a summer tan.

The sorceress, for that is what the woman in black was, ran her hand through the blonde hair first, the silky straight began to weave themselves back into a long braid, and the front shrank up into perfect straight bangs.

"I think I shall call you.. June"

June wasn't her name. She knew it wasn't her name, but she had no idea what her name was. Why couldn't she remember?

The sorceress waved her hands in front of the girls body, her clothes dissolving into thin air leaving her completely nude. She snapped and any remnants of hair from the shoulders down followed the clothing into the abyss.

"I do love a bare template" the sorceress muttered examining the girl more thoroughly. She deftly looked June over and wrinkled her nose at the thigh gap that existed between her thighs.

"While I like easy access, that is just.. ugh.." the sorceress remarked and decided to start there.

She knelt and placed her hands on the inside of Junes thighs and ran them up and around the twiggy stems. The muscle there began to transform, shrinking while deposit of fat began to flow under the skin. The sorceress ran her hands up and down and all around the thighs watching as small saddle bags began to form on the outside, and the inner thighs began to swell to meet each other.

"Better see to this" her hands moved up to the slit between the frozen girls thighs "before it gets too hard to access" she chuckled and not so gently she placed a quick open palmed slap to the girls tender lower lips causing her eyes to squeeze shut in pain and a whimper emerge from her throat. The pain soon dissolved into tingling pleasure. The sorceress ran a fingers over and around the hooded clit causing it to jump in reaction. She smiled as it twitched and pulsed and swelled. Though still frozen and unable to speak, a stifled moan of pleasure came from June's throat. Quickly the sorceress worked one finger inside the girls tight body, she twitched her finger and soon the girl was wet, oh so wet. She fixed it so June would be horny at all times, dripping, ready and wanting. A gift of sorts, she left June with increased sensitivity (inside and out). She easily slipped a second finger in to the now wet and desperate hole, and moved them up and down, hooking them just slightly to hit that special g-spot. When she did she pressed once, twice, three times and the mythical g spot pulsed and spread inside of her, turning her entire slit into one over erogenous zone. The pleasure spread just as the fat on her body did.

All the while the thighs expanded with bits of fat, most of the muscle completely turned to pure lard now. The fat was starting to expand down her legs causing her calves to swell up, and her rear and hips started to soften and dimple. Had June not been frozen in place, the sudden change of weight and muscle would have caused her to collapse.

The sorceress waved a free hand, and in her palm a tiny purple pill shaped object appeared. She removed her hand from June's body causing a whining sound to emerge from the frozen girls throat. She then took the purple pill and replaced her fingers with it. She slipped it up and deep within the girls body. The sorceress held it there until she felt a soft pressure from the girls thighs. Once the gap was gone and they were starting to squish together she removed her hand, certain the new flesh would help hold everything in.

The pill began to slowly, every so slowly move up inside of June, growing and elongating.

The sorceress smiled up at June "and now one of my favorite parts" she said happily standing up. She rubbed her hands together, one still covered with the dripping juices from the girls body. She started by placing her hands on the girls flat stomach and she rubbed up and down as if erasing all the flat planes of abs there. Then she took her finger nail and drew light lazy circles around and around on the still flat, but no longer muscled stomach. Slowly the stomach began to expand. Just a bit of bloat, then maybe a food baby, then a bit of chub, to a pot belly. When it began to actually stick out instead of just filling out the sorceress grabbed it roughly and began to tug and kneed. It was as if June's body were made of taffy. The stomach stretched and stretched, the sorceress used both hands, sometimes dropping the end and grabbing more at the middle and stretching some more.

Finally she stopped letting the flat flabby sack drop, it slapped on top of the growing thighs all the way to the knees.

June gave a little squeak sound.

"Yes yes, I know, not nearly what I want. Just wait... here it comes" The sorceress knelt down again and gathered up the flat empty sack of a stomach. She squeezed and kneaded it like dough. And it began to rise. The frozen girl felt like she had suddenly swallow food. Her cheeks began to bulge even though there was nothing in her mouth, her throat worked as if swallowing something, her tongue danced with a million delicious flavors. And her stomach rose and rose, swelling and filling with fat. The sorceress leaned forward to the rising belly and maneuvered her hands to the belly button. She leaned in and blew once, twice, three times in it causing a sudden extra surge of swelling, and for the belly button to grow deeper. She licked in the growing cavern, pleased to realize how deep it was getting

"And while the rises, lets balance you out" she mused and ran her hands down the girls sides. She had looked a bit ridiculous, thought the Sorceress. With a growing set of thunder thighs, a huge but slowly inflating stomach and not a love handle in sight. Too impatient to wait for the growth to spread, the sorceress simply grabbed at June's sides and pinched and pulled at them, causing rolls to grow upon rolls. The girls hips surged out, and the sorceress kneaded them and as if she was karate chopping dough made them flare out like separate parts of her. She walked around behind her and grabbed at June's behind and pulled and massaged finally slapping it once, twice, three times. She loved how much June's body jiggled, more an more with each slap. Pounds upon pounds were filling the formerly skinny girls skin, pounds of blubber. Fat and lard, the skin stretching thin angry red marks appearing and fading into silver stretch marks as quickly as they appeared.
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Loves_chub 8 years
Not even into BHM's cause Im a male feeder but this story was still probably the hottest ones I've ever read. Please keep writing!