A great team

chapter 1

A Great Team
(a rather odd story that will lead into others. Part of the Colton Collection of stories, giving some more insight into the world of Jennifer Colton. Features BBWs, BHMs, some sexual situations [nothing as explicit as most of my other stories] and some follow ups to characters from other stories. You don't have to have read them to understand what's going on. )

"How do you do it?"

It was Jennifers least favorite question. If the question had been directed towards her abilities to run a wildly successful company, or make medical discoveries and advancements, or heck even how she managed to do both of those with aplomb, it would have been fine.

But it was never about that. It was always about her body and weight.

She wasn't slim by any means. But she was proportion like an old school pin up model, all curves and explosions. Thick and sexy, well dressed with natural breasts of a size that required special tailoring.

She had an answer prepared. She was always prepared.

She flashed a careless smile at the woman interviewing her. Her face was schooled in a perfect look of at ease.

"I'm inferring that we aren't talking about my company or my medical advancements?" she pushed a single strand of hair behind her ear. The interviewer cocked an eyebrow obviously trying to keep from rollin her eyes.

"Well, since you asked, hard work. I am a huge believer in working hard for you want, be it in business, or life. I see what I want to achieve and I work my butt off to get it. So far I've been very successful"

"its not very off" the interview muttered in what she thought was under her breath. Jennifer's eyes narrowed a fraction.

"hard work, and a great team" Jennifer continued cooly.

"let me guess" the interviewer said leaning back in her chair, crossing her long thin legs in front of her flashing a long stretch of tan thin (not muscular, just thin) thigh. "A trainer? Nutritionist? Personal chef? Possibly some sort of psychologist to help you visualize your goals? To achieve.. this version of" she gestured at Jennifer "healthy?"

Jennifer crossed her own legs, long but thick and shapely.

She knew that this woman was some sort of fashion rag writer, her name was Darla something or other. Darla was a blogger turned journalist and this project was probably some sort of punishment. An expose on a prominent woman in science and business who didn't flash to the tabloids. One whose biggest tabloid scandal, despite being one of the wealthiest women in America, had been related to family tragedy and her brothers widow.

"Yes, in fact, I do have a wonderful trainer, a chef and some other great people who help me out. It helps to be part of one of the biggest lifestyle corporations in the country. We've made some wonderful advancements in healthy and happy living"

"Keeping fat people healthy you mean?" Darla asked "yes, Ive seen some of your 'healthy happy' products. Isn't that like.. encouraging them?"

"What ever do you mean?" Jennifer tone was still cool, but there was steel under it.

"I mean that no everyone has a team like you claim to have to help them achieve even this semblance, no offense, of being fit and healthy. And really, if you keep fat people heathy, wont they just get fatter? You must be pretty lucky to have this team."

"As I said." Jennifer put her glass of water to her dark red lips again "I am very lucky"

It was hard work that made her lucky. And yes, she did have a team.

She had one hell of a team.

A trainer, yes. A nutritionist on call? Yes. A personal chef who lived in her home? Mmmhmm. And she did happen to have a psychologist on retainer- though she really had nothing to do with Jennifers current figure.

They were all very important parts to what made her able to be who she was and helped her do what she did.

But she didn't mention their other jobs, or even the rest of her "team"

Brice, her trainer was huge fan of having her do cardio and weight training. She would run or cycle while watching the big screen TV in one of the company gyms or in her own privet one. But while anyone who glanced at the screen by would see every day shows and movies, her special contacts reveled hidden feeds.

A feeding to a room where a young woman, bound and tubed sat writhing in orgasm as creams and weight gain shakes were poured into to a funnel between her lips. She would watch as the fat jiggle as she filled and came again and again. Zoom in on her her fat little fingers twitch, and wonder when they had started plumping up as well. The woman's belly apron oozed and inflated over her spread thighs. It used to pool between them, but slowly the fat deposits in those two meaty trunks had filled and spread making it so the apron now lay draped upon them keeping them pinned. You couldn't see the probes themselves but she knew they were there from the ripples in that bulging flesh. She would smile and run faster, seeing how the woman was trying to move herself on the invading probes, trying to get them deeper, harder, faster more, but she was getting too heavy to be able to do even that much. She wouldn't need to be restrained at all soon (heck, she hadn't really needed them in a while, but it was fun to watch her body slowly inflating over the straps). Her heavy upper arms were already pinning her forearms to the chair, and they had had to bring in a wider recliner twice now. Her hips an shelf of a rear were pushing her up and forward and were just a day or two away from starting to overflow the sides of the chair a third time.

One where a heavy young man was being fussed over by a buxom blonde. Through her scrambled headphones Jennifer could hear her talking him into eating just a little bit more. His jowls quivering as his chubby hands reluctantly reached for a fork. The woman took it away as if to feed him, but then told him he had made her so sad by trying to stop, that he shouldn't be able to have silverware. Because that was for good boys. Slowly, she pushed the cake towards him and reluctantly he leaned forward and grabbed a fistful of cake and brought it to his mouth. Slowly, afraid at first. And as it touched his lips his eyes seemed to dilate and he reached mindlessness for another. His stomach was resting just between his thighs obscuring the ever tightening boxers he was wearing. The woman, delighted was still coaxing, was handing his grabbing hands more cake as she reaching between the elastic that dug into his lower paunch. She was gave up going through the waist band and instead stuck her hand up the not so roomie leg. She grabbed him roughly, surprising him and began to give him some more verbal and physical encouragement. She was agreeing to continue only as long as he ate. His belly wasn't that heavy yet. The blondes arm wasn't even covered to the elbow. She was nuzzling in on his vast stomach using her free hand to make sure he always had some food either in his mouth or moving there. She occasionally gave his growing moobs a squeeze giggling as he squealed at the touch.

Another feed showed a large room with several nude men and women on their hands and knees stuffing hand over fist to get more food from a trough. It wasn't slop, oh no, it was pastries, cakes, donuts and breads. They were using their obscenely fatty meaty bodies to push others out of the way and get more food and more space. Their eyes were mad with hunger. Only a few in the room weren't at the trough. A few had already eaten too much and were on their sides groaning and moaning, a few were too afraid of the others, seeing what they had become (though they would give in shortly), and one of them was too big to move to the trough. She was crying pleading to be fed, her vast now immobile body pinning her to the ground. One of the other nearly full ones spied her and noticed the milk starting to leak from her breasts. She slowly lumbered on all fours to her and latched on. The breast was large, and while it drooped, it had still managed to keep m inflated semi rounded shape. The immobile woman moaned, distracted from her pleas by the sudden feeling on her nipple. The woman suckling made greedy noises and she had straddled one of the obscenely large hip rolls on the woman and had straddled it, rubbing herself on it, both hands wrapped around the teat. She was sucking and bucking and moaning through a full mouth.
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Biddygal 8 years
I'm glad you liked the story. I do use spell check and try to proof, but I often miss things due to speeding through. My dysgraphia doesn't help things, but I'm doing my best to put out better things. this one was a rush job, i fully admit.
Wisconfa 8 years
Great story, keep it coming. Don't forget to use spell check