Animal crossing: fat town

chapter 1: the town of snowpoint

In the town of Snowpoint we meet Mayor Luke,a grey wolf who had only been mayor for a few months now.Mayor luke sat on his chair looking out of his window to see the same thing he saw everyday,snow falling down from the sky and lots of it "is everything ok mayor?" Luke turned his chair to see isabelle standing at his desk " you know what isabelle,I've had enough of watching everyone freeze in the snow and it's about time I take matters into my own two paws! " luke said as he looked at isabelle who was eating a chocolate bar "well,mmm, what are you gonna do mayor" isabelle said as she put her empty chocolate bar in the bin. "I'm gonna start operation O.F.A! " luke said slamming his fist onto the table "oooh I can't wait for your plan to take action mayor,i guess I will leave you to it" isabelle then walked back towards her desk as luke opened a draw in his and took out a piece of paper which read: operation Overweight Fat Animals or O.F.A for short,make sure to build all the most fattening and greasy food buildings in the village and make it a priority so that everyone will be forced to follow it and will become big,fat,obese and warm.

Within the next few days restaurants and food places of all short were built and mayor luke simply watched as his citizens got bigger and rounder.A month had past since Mayor Luke started operation O.F.A and it was definitely showing on the town's folk.Isabelle woke up bright and early one morning as she stretched before getting up and patting her belly "everyday it gets harder and harder to get up,but at least the mayor's happy" isabelle wobbled her way out of bed and weighed her self,she had definitely ballooned in size going from 190lbs to a whopping 320lbs in just 2 months! She looked in her mirror and noticed that her pajama too was getting a bit to small on her belly and waisteline.Isabelle then had her 2 breakfasts which the mayor recommended everyone to have,then she got dressed into her normal clothes which revealed her much bigger belly and even her double chin started to cover up her collar.She sighed as he wobbled her double belly before grabbing a bucket of sweets and heading to the town hall to see the Mayor, on the way there she passed many restaurants looking at all the villagers who were also much larger than before.She then made it to the town hall as she threw her empty bucket of sweets to the floor,she could hear the mayor on the phone so she stuck her ear onto it and heard some of the mayor's words "it's nearly done? I will have the infinite mobility pill when?.....ok....thank you for time" isabelle then took her ear of from the door as she wobbled her way inside.
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Theswordsman 6 years
Im thinking the bunny is going to eat the rest of the chocolate and burst out of the log.