Daddy's fattening work

chapter 1

"Oh princess! Daddy's got something special for you"Brooke came rushing out of her room,despite her being a 200lbs 20 year old she acted just like a young child would." what is it daddy? Is it something fun? "Brooke asked as she wobbled over to her dad "I have good news! We're leaving home!" Brookes dad was a billionaire and he owned a factory where he had dozens of fat people eating non stop, he also had many workers which would do anything for him and he even owned some robots of his own,he wanted his daughter to be the star of the place. "But daddy i like we have to go..." Brooke said with a sad face " yes dear,but when we get their you can meet your new mommy and you will make lots of friends to play with! " Brooke started to jump up and down "new mommy!? Oh I can't wait! Can we go now!" Brooke had completely changed her mind and was now desperate to go.The two then packed their things and said their final goodbyes to their home.

It was a 1 hour drive but the two finally made it their,Brooke was shocked by how big it was "come on princess,let's go say hi to your new mommy" the two then entered the place and Brooke was amazed.On the wall their were signs pointed to different places,rooms,feeding area 1,feeding area 2,immobile rooms and washing rooms,as Brooke looked around she noticed how big some of the doors were. "Come on princess,let's go meet mom" the two then got in a elevator and got out at floor 4,Brooke followed her dad as he got out a key and went inside with brooke. "Ok brooke,go say hi to your mommy" Brooke walked forward and opened another door and inside was a 400lbs woman having her belly rubbed by a much skinnier woman who looked to be only 130lbs. The skinnier woman then left the room leaving Brooke and her new mom to finally meet. "Mommy? Is it you?" Brooke looked over and saw the super sized 35 year old in the face (Brookes dad is only 36) "Oh my god brooke! Come here and give me a hug! I'm so happy we can finally meet" Brookes new mom then lifted herself up and waddled over to her and gave her the biggest hug. "My name's Claire,I'm your new mommy" Brooke got a good look at her mom and noticed how big her belly was "your very fat" Brooke said as she rudely poked her mom's belly,Claire laughed "Oh hon,everyone's fat around here" Claire said as she laughed to herself.Brookes dad then walked in and gave her new girlfriend a kiss before turning to brooke "now Brooke it's time we take you to your feeder and get you used to your room." ok dad...let's go,bye mom" Brooke said as she left the room with her dad,Brooke started to feel like her age as she and her dad got in a elevator and went to the obese rooms.
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FatAdmirer123 6 years
Please don’t let this be the end for Brooke. Please let her get even bigger. I want her to become an even bigger piggy
Bruinsean 6 years
So, Brooke just wanted to do this?