Annie the biggest cave girl

chapter 1

(Note: this story contains extreme weight gain so the characters will gain at unrealistic of and even though the characters are 'cave people ' they can speak perfect english)

One morning Annie woke up in her short dress made of tiger skin to find her mama on the floor with tears in her eyes "mama,what's wrong? Are you hurt?" Mama then looked at her and she gave her a hug "oh baby,mama has some bad news.I'm sorry to say but..." Mama paused and wiped away her tears "what is it mama?" Annie looked over at her mom " well baby,daddy's left us,he's gone" the two hugged again and Annie pulled a sad face but on the inside she was actually happy that her dad was gone as he always made Annie follow rules and she never let her have any fun. "Oh mama,what are we gonna do now that daddy's gone,who's gonna protect us?" Annie's dad was the strongest in the family but now that he was gone Annie's mom would have to do all the work herself " don't worry baby,i also have good news as daddy left us a gift " Annie's mom then moved a round boulder to the side revealing a cave,but inside the cave was mountains of food that would last anyone a life time.The cave was filled with a variety of meats and fruits for anyones liking "Oh mama this is amazing! We must have the most food in the world!" Annie was about to jump into the food pile before her mom stopped her "now baby we have to save this food for both of us not just you" "i know,I'm sorry mama" mama then closed off the cave rolling the boulder back into place "now baby I'm gonna go hunting for some extra food for the supply, you stay here and wait like the good girl you are" mama then rubbed Annie's hair before she left the safety of their home,a huge cave with sunlight pouring through all day. "Oh,but I'm so hungry" Annie said as she bit her bottom lip with her tummy starting to growl "mama won't mind if I have one little bit" she then rolled the boulder out of the way and walked into the 'food room' before picking up a chunk of meat and biting into it.It wasn't long before she devoured the hole thing,she could feel herself getting a belly,growing fatter,but she hadn't seen this much food all in one place and didn't want the feeling to end so she dug into another piece,then another and more and more pieces of meat became fat on the growing cave girl.

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33975fett 6 years
Please more
Blubberjiggler1 6 years
Nicely done another helpless glutton for all to gawk at.
Blue Custard 6 years
I really like this story. More please!