Tracers new fatty (overwatch story)

chapter 1

(Here's the laydown of the story,hana aka dva had recently left overwatch in order to spend most of her life as a gamer,Tracer had also recently left overwatch and broken up with her girlfriend as she thought that she was too skinny.The two of them had recently started dating as tracer didn't mind hana constantly gaming as she was doing something for tracer without even realizing it,all hana was eating and drinking was fatty junk food and she started to pack on the pounds without even realizing it.Hana had also moved into tracers house and traced was in heaven )

It was one sunny morning when hana had woken up and gotten out of bed covered in sweat due to the heat,she changed out of her sleeping clothes and got straight into her bright pink bra and underwear.She then waddled out of her room and started heading down stairs in order to get some morning doritos.On the way down tracer was on the stairs in her pajamas "morning luv,you look gorgeous in those pants of yours" hana blushed a little as she and traced walked down stairs into the kitchen "you know what time it is hana" said tracer "fine...I don't get why you do this though,it's not like I'm gaining weight" hana said as tracer put a weighing scale down in front of her.Hana then stood on the weighing scale,tracer looked down to she that Hana was now weighing 215lbs, she didn't say anything as she wanted to see tracer as big as a whale. "I really don't see the point of doing this tracer" hana then bent over and got a extra large packet of doritos from the cupboard.Tracer couldn't help but stare at hanas glorious belly as it hung down.Hana then opened the packet of doritos and sat down on her chair,she was shoving 2 into her mouth at a time,tracer just stared as her girlfriend devoured the extra large packet of doritos. "Tracer? Can we go shopping? My underwear are getting really tight and it kinda hurts.." Hana moaned as she rubbed the crumbs off of her self. " you know what hana? I don't think we need to"Hana was confused with tracers response but it didn't really bother her that much. "Now why don't you go and get your game on?" Tracer said as she helped Hana out of the chair, she then slapped her ass as Hana walked back up into her room. "I'll call you down when your foods ready!" Tracer sometimes liked to act like a mother to Hana but luckily Hana didn't mind it.

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Theswordsman 6 years
She must really love food to give up gaming
Anto 6 years
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