Bad habits

Chapter 1 - fleshly innocence

Oliver whimpers at the oppressive heat. It's one of the hottest days in history on this August afternoon. He is already in his skimpy red track shorts, but the heat is determined to break him. He used to run all the time, but for the past three months he stopped to spend time with his family and think about his future plans. Oliver is fresh out of high school and a tender 18 years old. This is a somber fact as he did not get into any of the colleges he wanted to attend in the Fall. Most colleges would start in the next 21 days. He spent his entire four years in this hellscape running track to get a good scholarship, but nothing ever happened with that. He was good, but some of his other teammates were better. Getting back on schedule proved to be difficult since he spent the summer lazing around in front of his T.V. Oliver stops at the bench, takes off his sweat soaked shirt, and starts running again.

Taking off the extra layer makes him feel free. Oliver might as well be nude at this point as he exposes his body. Oliver had a six pack at the beginning of summer, but now it is much less defined. Instead of muscular, most would just find him skinny, with a small belly bump beginning to form. Josh comes up on Oliver's right. Oliver has been friends with Josh since the very beginning of high school.

"This has gotten harder. I don't even like running anymore. I can't wait to leave for college in two weeks," says Josh.

"It's the damn heat. Plus the fact we sat on our asses all summer. I thought you were going to still do track when you get to college," replies Oliver.

"I know I need to because I'm on a scholarship, but damn is it hard to get back into the rhythm. What about you? Have you decided on what you're going to do?" asks Josh.

This question made Oliver feel dejected, but he disguised his voice to sound more pleasant. "I am going to just refocus and take a semester or two off. I want to find out who I really am and reapply next year."

"That sounds like a plan. Just be careful, because it'll be easy to take time off and then never go. My brother's taking time off now. Speaking of Dylan, I know I promised to take you home, but my car broke down. So that means..." Josh was cut off with a honk from a car before continuing. "Dylan's picking us up. I forgot to tell you earlier, but looks like he's here."

The two boys grab their shirts and start walking to the car. This is awkward for Oliver. Dylan has been away for almost two years. Dylan was Oliver's secret first crush. Oliver denied his crush as a freshman, but as a senior he accepted his queer identity. Josh knew about Oliver and was completely fine with having a gay best friend. However, Oliver never told Josh that he had a crush on his brother. How could he? That might be too weird for Josh. Besides, he doesn't really know much about Dylan anymore.

Oliver finds himself opening the car door and placing himself in the back seat while Josh sits in the passenger seat. He looks to the driver's seat and sees Dylan. Dylan is still muscular and as handsome as Oliver remembered. His tan body is bursting through a tight tank top. Oliver's old feelings immediately come flooding back.

Dylan exclaims "I haven't seen you in forever little Ollie! How're you?"

"I'm doing alright. What brings you back here?"

"Honestly? I dropped out of college. I plan on going back next year, but my grades are not the best. My academic advisor thinks I could have my GPA forgiven if I sit out for a year. I just have other interests right now," replies Dylan.

Oliver nervously taps his foot onto the floor board. The rest of the ride home is a blurr. Dylan and Joshua talk about something, but Oliver does not pay attention. Instead, he thinks about his crush and how he is supposed to be over Dylan. Why would Dylan come back now of all times? Dylan pulls up to Oliver's house. Oliver gives his thanks and runs into the house to think over everything that is happening in his life. He has an early dinner and goes to bed knowing he will need to be up early back at the field to try running again before the day gets too hot.

The next day Oliver is at it again in his track shorts. He runs for about an hour in the early morning breeze. He looks at his phone, but there are no messages from Josh. They were supposed to run again today and Josh never showed up. Oliver sits down on the bleachers to try to figure out what is going on. He digs into his bag and takes out his protein bar. While he takes a bite, he starts to type a message on his phone with his free hand. It reads "Where R U?" Before the message is sent he hears a thump on the other side of the bleachers. It's Dylan, walking over to Oliver. Oliver is shocked and not sure why Dylan would just randomly show up to the track. Oliver blushes as he sees Dylan's pecs bounce and push against his red tank top.

"W-what are you doing here, Dylan?" asks Oliver.

"Since Josh couldn't make it, he asked me to come see you and make sure you had a ride home."

It was true that Oliver needs a ride home when he finishes running. However, being alone with Dylan will be awkward. Oliver tries to ponder what they would even talk about. He sits down and looks at Dylan who is also now sitting and fumbling in his pocket. He pulls out an Altoid container.

"Who the hell still carries around and eats Altoids?" asks Oliver.

"Exactly, Olli-pop. That means no one will mess with it and find this," he claims as he pulls a small lighter and a joint out of the tin.

"We can't have that here!"

"No one is around, kid. Relax." He lights the end of the thin, white joint. Dylan then puts it up to his lips, inhales deeply and slowly, holds in his breathe for a moment, and releases the smoke into Oliver's face.

Oliver doesn't know how to respond. Dylan hands the joint to Oliver, who just stares back. He asks himself if he should take a hit. He's never smoked marijuana before. He thinks about if Dylan would steer him wrong. His mind goes blank and he accepts the joint. He keeps asking himself what's the worst that can happen. He takes a hit and starts coughing. Smoke leaves his body with each cough and dissipates into the air. Dylan just laughs as Oliver recollects himself and takes another hit. They pass it back and forth a few more times with the intent of getting high.

"It's my first time" Oliver says shyly.

"I can tell, dude. I remember my first time. I got stupid hungry after smoking at my first college party. Then, some dude at the party went down on me. That's probably when I became a deviant. Stopped going to class. Fucked some dudes. Drank beer. Smoked weed. I much prefer this life than college. I intend to go back next year, but I just want to have some fun and enjoy myself."

Oliver is shocked at this revelation. Dylan has certainly changed since high school. He used to have all the cheerleaders fawning over him. Afterall, he was captain of the football team - the definition of handsome, athletic, and popular. Oliver still thinks he is handsome. His heart is pounding out of his chest. Does this mean he stands a chance with Dylan? The thought of Oliver being the one to suck Dylan's cock makes him weak.

"I think it's brave for you to tell me that. I've been attracted to guys too."

They briefly sit in silence before Oliver's stomach growls. Dylan chuckles. "It's the munchies. C'mon dude, let's get you some lunch before taking you home."

Oliver can't disagree with that statement. He is famished from running and partaking in Dylan's favorite pastime. The need for real food was irresistible. His heart is still fluttering and lunch means spending more time with Dylan. They get up and drive to the local burger joint, Lard Have Mercy! After several attempts to order while high, they sit in Dylan's car with a bag full of butter burgers. Dylan quietly munches on one of his burgers and looks over at Oliver, admiring his greed and gluttony. Oliver is doublefisting his burgers and finishes them very quickly.

Dylan watches in awe. Fuck! This is stupidly hot. Oliver is stupidly hot. The boy has a real appetite, but the time isn't right just yet for Dylan to make a move. Dylan shoves any hint of desire deep down while Oliver reaches into the bag and grabs more burgers. Dylan chuckles and mentions something about cholesterol and clogged arteries. Oliver doesn't hear him; he's completely zoned out.

Lately, Oliver has been distracted and zones out of conversations, focusing on the task at hand. Unfortunately for him, these tasks include eating, which is why he is starting to gain more and more weight. If you were to ask Oliver about his weight gain he would be in denial. He snaps back into reality as Dylan is pulling into Oliver's driveway.

"Oh, uh... I didn't even realize we left the parking lot. Thanks for picking me up and paying for lunch." Oliver holds his bloated belly and moans a little.

"No problem. Maybe we could hang out again tomorrow. Just the two of us? I know you're Josh's friend, but I feel like we could become friends too...maybe call it a date?"

Oliver agrees with Dylan as his heart pounds - either from the burgers, or from Dylan's attempt at asking him out. As Oliver tries to get out of his seat, he feels a pair of strong hands groping his budding love handles. He yips and blushes before walking into his house. Oliver is shocked, but also realizes he enjoyed the feeling. Dylan watches Oliver's butt move up and down from the passenger window before driving away with a grin. That night Oliver brings himself back to that memory again and again, trying to figure out what it all meant.

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SalemSaberhagen 1 week
So hear me out,I found this story extremely depressing, sad, traumatizing.So much so that it has stuck with me months after.So that means you succeeded as a writer and made me think about myself too
SalemSaberhagen 1 week
Like would I be capable of that? What would I do in that situation? It was very clever to make both protags unlikeable too...a good twist. I think the outcome (spoiler-ish) is worse than death
SalemSaberhagen 1 week
I feel like I could write a college thesis on how poignant some of the themes and points are in this story. So while I did find it traumatizing, it made me think so I give you a Bravo
SalemSaberhagen 1 week
Art is meant to challenge, after all
Babypiglet650 8 months
Do they every get back together that part breaks my heart
Babypiglet650 8 months
I cried
Ambersand 1 year
Hope you update soon
CharcoalCat18 1 year
Can’t wait to see more awesome story!!!
Mr Caketon 2 years
This story was absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to see if there will be more! I’m worried (but excited) to find out what happens with Oliver.
MakeMeFatImAPIG 4 years
I wish I was Oliver he is so lucky.
KeGa 4 years
This chapter was really sweet and cute
Loving this story so far
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Wow, your story is fucking amazing. Please write more!
Iread247 4 years
I beyond love this. I love it so much I actually signed into my account so that I could tell you how much I love this story. Do you still have a deviantart?
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im still loving this series and check almost daily if there's been an update!
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I do. Good story
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Does anyone still read these updates? Haha.
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Fantastic chapter 3!!

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