Be thankful

Chapter 1 - be thankful

"Listen, I know you've done a big bunch of nothing around here so far, apart from get me coffee that is, which is great and all, but it's time for you to earn your place on this team, understand?"
It was true, Leah had been at the Daily Gazette close to three months now and had done nothing close to writing an article. There had been plenty of filing and replacing the toner in the printers, even fetching her boss coffee but things were looking promising.
"Oh I'm totally ready boss, what did you want me to do?"
"I found out about this thing called feedism last night"
"Feedism sir?"
"Yes feedism, what you got rocks in your ears? Thanksgiving is next week, I want you to write a piece for the thanksgiving edition, make em choke on their turkey a little bit."
Leah had more questions but they were interrupted by her boss's secretary.
"The staff photographer is here to see you"
"Excellent show him in. You! Did you get me pictures of that masked vigilante? You! What are you still doing here? Hit the bricks!"
Leah walked out of his office while he continued to berate the staff photographer, she had never heard of feedism but she was going to do her best for her first assignment.

That night Leah hit the google machine hard, researching her subject. She was surprised there was so much content on it, there were even tags on instagram and a hashtag on Twitter. She hit her goldmine on YouTube though. Hundreds of videos on the subject, people being fed, measured, weighed and talking about their fetish, she couldn't believe how easy it would be to write this article.
"No-ones gonna be getting seconds after I blow the whistle on these sickos" she said to herself.

There was one video that caught her eye though - Getting Prepped for Thanksgiving. She thought she'd give it a watch considering it had a festive theme. The girl in the video was quite fat, Leah estimated that she must have weighed at least 400lbs if not more. She was sat on a bed wearing just her bra and panties, fat spilling out all over the place. Her big round stomach sat proudly in front of her as she described how in the lead up to thanksgiving she'd be making several videos stuffing with traditional thanksgiving foods to prepare for the big feast itself.
"Eww gross, like she needs to gain any more weight"
Today's video would be green bean casserole, Leah was about to turn off when she got her first glimpse of the girl's feeder.
"Damn" Leah exclaimed involuntarily.
"Kevin" as Leah found out his name, was absolutely gorgeous. Tan skin, bulges in all the right places and a million dollar smile.
"How can a guy like that be into a hog like her? She asked in disgust. Frustrated she went to bed.

Leah's day at work dragged, she wasn't allowed to work on her story during office hours so it was back to delivering post and watering plants for her.
When she finally got home she kicked off her shoes and opened her email, she had a notification that a new Getting Prepped for Thanksgiving video had been uploaded.
"I don't remember subscribing" she thought to herself.
This one focussed on sweet potato pie but all Leah could focus on was how attentive and loving Kevin was to this mountain of a woman.
"***, Kevin deserves a real woman"
Leah had watched the video several times and now had it on in the background as she worked on her story and ate her budget conscious microwave meal.
She went to bed that night, bitter and alone as usual.

The following days went pretty similarly for Leah. Disappointing days at work were followed by spiteful writing and jealousy of a girl she'd never even met.
She'd watched copious amounts of food disappear into the bulging beauty in the videos but all she could focus on was Kevin and his muscles.

Finally the day before Thanksgiving came and she proudly handed in her finished article. Her boss didn't even remember giving her the assignment and tossed it on his desk.
Leah trudged home feeling defeated, she'd be spending Thanksgiving alone because her parents couldn't get in due to bad weather or some other bs excuse.
She settled in for the night and decided to watch the latest episode of Getting Prepped for Thanksgiving even though she had no real need to anymore. She watched as Kevin tenderly fed the girl bowl after bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy. She watched it over and over until it was time for bed.
"I'd give anything for a guy like that to treat me so well" she sighed as she fell asleep.

In the morning she was awoken by a cacophony of delicious smells, it made her groan as she remembered her Thanksgiving meal for one that she had to look forward to. As she let the fog of sleep clear she realised something was off.
"Ah! I'm fat!" She cried.
Looking in a mirror she kept by the bed she took in her altered visage. Pendulous breasts bulged out of a bra she didn't remember owning but felt strangely familiar, under those spilled her big round belly that took up most of her lap. Her upper arms were soft and pillowy and her neck dissolved into a couple of creases of hanging flesh.
Just then her bedroom door opened and who should walk in but Kevin from the videos!
"Good morning sweetheart" he said as he came over and sat on the bed, favouring her with a kiss and a big hug.
"Dinner is well underway, why don't you get freshened up and by the time you're done we can start filming."
"Okay" was all Leah could muster as a response.
"Oh and I hope you're hungry because there is a LOT of food coming your way"
"Well I'm sure you could help me work up an appetite" she smiled as she rubbed her belly
"After" he smiled "when you're all nice and stuffed"

Leah's article ran in the Gazette that day but it was lost amongst a sea of adverts for Black Friday deals, and Leah? She was lost in a sea of stuffing and sensuality.
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