Vengeance is a mother


chapter 1

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Vengeance is a Mother

This story is a sequel to my story Vengeance is Fat which you can read for free at the blurmy tales blog or here on Fantasy Feeder.

Lara sat back in her lawn chair and took a sip of her lemonade. She sighed as she relaxed in the sun but it was the sigh of a content woman. It had been approximately 9 months since Lara had found herself wrapped up in an adventure that had to be experienced to be believed, a tale of magic, anonymous benefactors, the benefits of teamwork and how good triumphs over evil. Certainly not a tale for the kiddies though.

After the Mother Feeder saga came to a close Lara had done as she had said, enjoyed the rest of her holiday, spending the majority of her stay in the states with Greg who she had taken quite the fondness to. Just as she had guessed, the circlet was nowhere to be found when she checked out of her hotel room that day and she had tried to put the whole experience out of her head.

She returned to England well before her tourist visa expired and truly enjoyed her time back in the UK with her reunited family but she felt that something was lacking. She had remained in contact with Greg the entire time she was back in the UK, sometimes spending hours chatting with him into the early hours of the morning. She held a soft spot in her heart for the charming big guy and missed him desperately.

It was a little after Christmas in the UK that things set in motion to change Lara’s path once again. Diana had been living with their parents since returning from America and tensions were getting a little frayed at home. Naturally their parents were very protective of her after not having her in their lives for so long but Diana had become a little sick of the coddling.

Lara would have had Diana move in with her but there just wasn’t the space. Unless of course Lara went through with what she had been thinking about. It made perfect sense when it was all laid out, Diana would take over the rent on Lara’s apartment on the proviso she didn’t sell any of Lara’s furniture, Diana would be out of their parents' hair or rather vice versa and Lara could set out on her latest adventure.

That adventure involved a work permit and a return to the US, a return to the man she was quickly falling in love with. Her job as a digital artist meant that she could work from wherever she chose so why not swap the grey days of England for the blue skies of America? Her mind was set and before long she had her essentials packed, her paperwork in place and was ready to go.
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Tablesofacha... 3 years
This is one of my favorite stories ever !!
Shammyboy 3 years
I'm so happy to see a continuation.
Karenjenk 3 years
This is a really strong start.
lots of character development.
I hope you keep going at this pace