Perfect game

chapter 1

Ellen Peters was busy conversing with a number of colleagues on the afternoon she was interrupted by Andrew Evans. The two worked together but not what you’d consider friendly, at least that was Ellen’s view on their relationship. Andrew, on the other hand, was besotted with Ellen. He’d long dreamed about having a relationship with the red-headed thirty-something that happened to work on the same floor as him, even though it was plain to see that they were not even in the same league. She was athletic and very competitive when it came to most areas of her life while he was an overweight, balding, bespectacled man who was barely a rung higher than the tea boy on the corporate ladder.

He had often tried to convince Ellen to go on a date with him, seemingly unable to get the hint that she wasn’t interested in the older man but still he persisted. This time was different though. This time he had a little leverage. Last Friday night he had helpfully stayed late and printed off a number of documents that Ellen “just had to have for Monday morning” but couldn’t be bothered to stay at work and get the job done, instead wanting to go to the bar with her colleagues. Naturally, Andrew wasn’t invited so jumped at the chance to make a good impression on his would-be girlfriend. Now he was going to play his hand again and now that it included the sympathy card, he knew he couldn’t lose.

After making his presence known the rest of their colleagues quickly excused themselves, obviously not wanting to witness what would surely be another awkward exchange between the pair. Andrew made small-talk about the weather and what was on TV that evening, all met with polite nods from Ellen, she didn’t want this guy hating her after all, she could probably get him to do other menial tasks that she had no interest in doing herself. Finally, he plucked up the courage to ask her out that Thursday.

“Listen, Andy” began Ellen “We’ve been over this before, I don’t think it’s proper to be dating in the workplace”

“Oh no, it’s nothing like a date” countered Andrew “it’s just that I had these coupons for free bowling and I did help you out with those papers...”

Ellen didn’t hear the rest of what Andrew was saying, she had been hooked by what Andrew had offered. Ellen was an avid bowler and had won many trophies in the sport, a fact picked up on by Andrew who had seen the parade of awards that often decorated her desk. This was her chance; she’d thrash him so soundly at bowling that he’d be embarrassed to ask her out again. This was perfect.

“You know what Andy; I will go bowling with you on Thursday. But you had better bring your A-game, I'm rather good.” she bragged

“That’s great! What time should I pick you up?”

“I’ll meet you there at 8” she replied curtly, not wanting to give the odious little man her home address.

“It’s a date!” he replied cheerfully

“It is most definitely not a date.”
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LeDebonaire 4 years
Coming along indeed, wonder what other changes will come with the weight? I think a comparison at the end would really seal the deal. Good job!
Shammyboy 4 years
Hopefully at the end he'll ask for a rematch.
PrincessBlurmy 4 years
Glad you guys are enjoying it.
Not many frames left now 😉
LeDebonaire 4 years
The game needs to end! Enjoying the story.
Rimtech 4 years
This is such a creative (and effective) concept! I'll be watching for more chapters (and stories).
Theswordsman 4 years
At this rate she could end up doubling her weight before she's done
Champ 4 years
Great story! Looking forward to more!
PrincessBlurmy 4 years
😉 that's right.
Akwolfgrl13 4 years
So what ever she scores is what she gains?