Becoming his piggy

Chapter 1 - prologue

I sit on my personal king sized bed, suckling at the tube in my mouth and swallowing as much of the heavy gainer shake as I can fit into my already massively overfull stomach. At this point, it's been several years since the last time I was capable of moving, even with assistance from my incredibly muscular feeder. It has been even longer since the last time I was able to speak, as I am now only capable of communicating through piggish snotes and grunts. My thoughts have slowed far beyond the point of anything coherent, now consisting only of a few simple concepts.
"I am a piggy."
"I exist to get fatter."
"Asher makes me fatter."
"My fat makes Asher happy."
I've truly taken these ideas to heart by now, as is evident just from looking at me. My body covers the entirety of the king sized bed, with some of my belly and the edges of my butt sagging over the edges. My butt is an enormous pair of soft, jiggly mounds that Asher seems to especially love playing with when he gets the opportunity. I have enormous moobs now, larger than any woman's breasts that I've ever seen. They are incredibly soft and sensitive, and continue to grow fatter along with the rest of me. My belly is by far the crown jewel of my body, a gigantic pile of gently jiggling blubber that completely covers my legs, which are, much like my arms, most likely nothing more than useless sacks of fat by now. I have not moved my arms or legs in the past 3 years, as I'm simply too fat to even make the attempt. When Asher unstrapped me from the bed those 3 years ago, I thought I had finally reached freedom, until I realized that he only unstrapped me because there was no possible way that I'd ever move again. I'm now nothing more than an obese, dumb pig incapable of doing anything except eating and growing even fatter by the day, my expanding body continually filling with excess blubber. As I sit here feeling myself growing, the door opens.
There he is.
Asher walks into the room to take care of me, his massive, stupid pet piggy boy. I continue to suck greedily at the tube that continually supplies me with the necessary calories to add more weight to my obese body as he walks up to me, his eyes scanning the countless folds and curves he's personally added to my body since he took me in all those years ago. As he walks in a steady circle around me to get a good look at his pig, he slaps and jiggles my right butt cheek to test just how much fatter his boy has gotten.
"Someone's been a good piggy, hasn't he?"
I oink dumbly in response. It's all I know how to do now.
"You just keep sucking and sucking at that tube I gave you. I thought you wanted to be thin, didn't you? You wanted to be a strong, lean boy like me. And just look at you now. You're a massive, pathetic, fat-addicted pig who does nothing but sit around and eat all day. You must be disgusted with yourself."
As he speaks, Asher reaches toward the dial on my feeding machine and begins to raise the flow speed. No longer am I voluntarily sucking down the lard that promises to make me expand. It is now being forced down my throat at higher and higher speeds. Asher presses the button at the base of the bed, and the big display on the wall flickers to life.
2,567 lbs.
"God you're such a stupid, greedy pig. You already weigh more than a ton, and yet you still keep eating and getting fatter. You know that with every gulp you take of this shit, you're only getting further and further from ever being anything more than my pet fatty, right?"
Once again I oink in response, this time muffled by the massive amounts of pure liquid fat flowing into my body.
" What's that, pig boy? You want me to turn up the speed even more? Just look at you, fatty, your ass and belly are already so big that you'll never leave this bed again. Do you really, truly want to get even fatter? I'll tell ya what... oink twice if your answer is yes."
I stare longingly at his powerful pecs and lean, defined abs, watch carefully as his large, muscular arms and hands knead at my ample belly fat, stopping every once in a while to jiggle or slap it.
I think about all that I could have been.
How my life has been reduced to a haze of forced fattening and sex.
How I will never again be anything more than his perpetually growing, lard filled piggy.

I oink twice.
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Aquarius64 5 years
This is good. A quick vignette. You could have strung it out longer to build up the excitement
Obiwanna 6 years
Are there gonna be more chapters? Because this is great!
Gassygirl 6 years
This is one of the best things I have read in a while! That first chapter has everything I like! Thanks for writing!
Giantjay 6 years
A very nice, dark vignette... would love to read a story that explains how this came to pass.