chapter 1

Fresh tears fell down, Levi Courtland's round face as he told his best friend everything that his two meathead roommates did to him.

Levi has is short at only 5'7 with wavy light brown hair and dark brown eyes, pale tan skin and is considered over weight as he is 275 lbs.

Levi is being comforted by his best friend since freshmen year of high school, they are now seniors in college.
His best friend is polar opposite. His name is Ben Smallwood, who is tall, pale skin, black hair and blue eyes with a athletic build as he is a member of the swim team.

Both Levi and Ben are roommates with three other males in a house that Ben's family owns that is in a college town. So everyone has their own room, Ben was listening to everything that their jock roommates had done to embarrass Levi in front of Levi's crush, so he has a a plan forming in his mind.
What nobody else knows (besides Levi) is that Ben is a wizard and has been using his magic every time he isn't busy. Ben treats Levi like a little brother: as Levi has a very low metabolism so he gains weight easily, and the fact he is pretty shy about a lot of things, so of course Ben is going to get revenge on the jocks.

Then he remembers that the two jocks have to be taught a lesson, they will never forget.

Not long after, Levi leaves and goes to his own room to sleep. Ben goes to his door, closed it and locked it before going to his desk and opens one of his draws was and removed all the notebooks and papers from inside and place his right hand palm down and mutters a ancient spell to reveal a thick spell book with a five star symbol on it.

With the book in hand, Ben began to flip the pages till he gets to a specific page, and stops as a wide smile stretches across his face.

"A pound an hour"

And began to put his revenge on point.

The next day, it was a weekend, and everyone was home. Levi and Ben were in the dining room helping each other with their homework. One of their other roommates is a tall junior, with black hair and green eyes and light tan skin, and a athletic build, he is cooking breakfast for everyone in the kitchen.

In two separate rooms up stairs, is were the jocks sleep. Their names are Keith Bowman and Justin Parks.
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Ygglw 5 years
Can’t wait to read how the jocks get flabbier and softer 😍
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Waiting on the next part to this story