chapter 1

Chapter One
(Author's Note: Accidentally erased this chapter. So I have to redo everything.)

Name: Michael Reed
Age: 18 years old
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145 lbs
Skin: Pale Tan
Body: Lean with slight muscles and a slight 6 pack abs and a big bubble butt
Likes: Home cooked meals, chocolate bars, Smores, eating, video games, peach soda, his best friend; Dimitri and cats
Dislikes: Homophobes, wrestling, sluts, smoking and snakes
Hair: Golden blonde that reaches his ears
Eyes: Emerald Green

*~* Chapter 01*~*
Michael Reed is an 18 year old high school graduate from Springfield High School. Michael was forced to join the wrestling team in both middle and high schools as his father claims it was family tradition to do so. It doesn't mean, that Michael liked it one bit. But he learns to be somewhat okay with it.

There is one thing, that Michael is not okay with. And that is his big bubble butt, that he got from his mother's side of his family. And since, Michael enjoys eating and playing video games more than wrestling. He knows he shouldn't be surprised at all when he wakes up the next morning and his butt had grown an inch or two bigger.

Which for Michael is to his extreme displeasure as no matter what he does to loose weight, it passed his stomach and adds more fat to his big bubble butt and meaty thighs.

It was a Saturday morning when Michael woke up in his dorm room. It was still summer break butt classes will began in two more weeks.

What made Michael wake up was the heavenly smell coming from his dorm kitchen. So after rising up from his warm bed, and stretching his arms over his head, Michael rose up from his bed in only his orange t-shirt and green boxers that are stretched tight across the two orbs of fat that are Michael's butt cheeks.

And since Dimitri whose Michael's best friend and room mate has been trying new recipes. And having Michael taste test everything and gives a review on it. It has casued Michael's butt to grow. But unknown to Michael; Dimitri has been increasing Michael's calorie intake slowly each day for the pleasure of Michael's butt grow bigger and bigger.

And with Dimitri's help, Michael's butt is so big it looks like he has two soccer balls in his underwear.

When Michael entered the kitchen he is greated by a shirtless Dimitri Wilde whose busy placing extra, extra cheese eggs on Michael's plate along with four plump sausages and a buttermilk biscuit. And with Dimitri is a male friend who both Dimitri and Michael has been best friends with since middle school before he moved away.
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That is a nice hot story MangaBL can not wait for more of it
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Just curious: Do they hate sluts?