My step brother is a feeder

chapter 1

Name: Max Jones
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 116 lbs
Hair: Golden blonde
Eyes: Chestnut Brown
Skin: Pale Tan
Body: Tall and Lanky
Age: 20
Species: Human

-~- Chap 1-~-

Max Jones is an average college sophomore student who is studying to become an technician, since he is good with computers. In High School, Max was only popular in track and field since he was the fastest from anyone else in the school. But despite this and despite a couple of girls having a crush on him.

Max was not and has not been attractive to girls in general. He just liked boy's. But he has kept it a secret for so long, not wanting to has his life destroyed by horrible people. Since teenagers are unpredictable and can be the most savage of human beings.

A bit about Max's past is that his father died when he was 9 years old, in a train wreck. And that when he started middle school, his mother gave him the sex talk and told Max that he has a womb in his stomach area, meaning: he can get pregnant and carry a child for 9 months like any other female.
Too say that Max was shocked was an understatement. He was so shocked he just sat there not moving for 19 minutes processing everything his mother told him.

When Max found out he could carry a child like every other girl in the world, he had another reason to not come out of the closet.

There was only one person, Max was close with. That would be Max's best friend: Peter Dance. And despite his last names; Peter can't dance to save his life.

As kids, while Max was tall and thin.

Peter was short and fat. And Peter has been short and fat; up until he had his growth spurt in 8th grade and lost all his fat and got rock hard muscles during summer break before starting high school.

What Max didn't know about his best friend Peter. Is that Peter is not a human being. He is in fact a hybrid of a warlock and werewolf.

At the moment, summer break has just started and Max and Peter who are room mates in the same apartment they live in and go to the same college. They are just taking different classes.

Peter is taking business and cooking as his major.

Now that it is summer vacation, Peter and Max are driving to Peter's father's beach house since both the boy's single parents are getting married together.

Peter is in the driver's seat of a black honda civic, even if his eyes were on the road ahead of him, he would glance at Max who was busy eating a triple bacon cheeseburger.
Peter couldn't wait till they got to the beach house, and had some alone time with Max.
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