It's in the rain

chapter 1

The day was bright and sunny in the small city of Greenwood. It was a a weekend and the middle of the day when out of the blue it started to pour heavily down on the city below.

This story takes place with two young college kids who were grabbing their large grocery haha as they were getting drenched in the rain water as they both grab their bags and rush inside their house.

Their names are Malcolm Glass and Randy Hilton, and they both have been dating each other since they were sophomores in high school, and now they will be graduating from university in two more months.

Malcolm and Randy had managed to rush inside their house as they managed to save everything that they bought. Both male's had been soaked to the bone but they both had started to put the food they bought away. When they both finished, Malcolm had left the kitchen to change out of his wet clothes while Randy turns to the McDonalds bag he bought when they were coming back to their home from the grocery store, and grabs a few fries and eats them before he head for his and Malcolm's bedroom to change out of his wet clothes as well.

When both males left their room, they were in their normal sleep wear: Malcolm was wearing a plain white wife beater with grey sweatpants. Randy was wearing a plain red t-shirt with black and red checker pajamas pants and black socks.

Both male's were still wet because of the rain water, but Randy whined to Malcolm that he was hungry so with that both males sat down at their small table and separated their food, (as Malcolm raised an eye brow at how much his boyfriend has ordered), and once both males had their own food, and began to eat their own meal, is when the rain water still on their bodies had started the effects.

The more they ate, the more the fat in their bodies increased.

A few minutes later, and Malcolm had finished his meal and sat back in his seat, to let his dinner digest. His stomach rumbled a bit, as the fat started to slowly grow in his stomach, giving him a small tummy. Malcolm looks down at his small but not noticeable tummy that is tight in his tank top. Malcolm stood up from his seat, grabs his trash and threw them in the trash can. He turns to Randy and kissed his left cheek and said he was going to the their workout room of their home.

And with that, Malcolm left the kitchen and living room of the small two bedroom house and turned into his second smaller room to began his workout as Randy stayed sitting at the table to continue eating his food as unkown to himself, his body was slowly gain weight, the more he ate.
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