You're our piglet

chapter 1

Ashton Smith was sitting in his small one bedroom, one bathroom one story house. His home is only built for one person and is pretty far from civilisation. He works from home, and only leaves his house for errands or when he needs to meet his boss for meetings.

Ashton Smith has been alone, since he came out as gay to his family when he was 16 years old. Needless to say, he was kicked out and has not seen or spoken to them in 10 years.

[This is his basic information about what he looks like, and other things about him.
-Name: Ashton Smith
-Height: 6'1
-Weight: 110 lbs
-Hair: Raven Black
-Eyes: Crystal Blue
-Skin: Porcelain Pale
-Body: Very skinny/underweight (NOT malnourished just very high metabolism)
-Likes: Sweets, being independent, the color orange, the sea and dolphins
-Dislikes: Spicy food, his ex-family, homophobia, snakes, entitled people]

Not at 26 years old, Ashton now has control of his life. He has a steady job, and once in a while he likes to treat himself with some candies he likes, or if that is unable then he will drive to a cafe or bakery and order a small pastry to try out.

This day was nothing different. When Ashton woke up, he took his shower and got dressed in his usual everyday outfit, which is a t-shirt and sweatpants. He finished getting dressed so he put on his socks before he left his bedroom to see what he has to make his breakfast, then later on his lunch and dinner.

However the only thing in his fridge were ingredients and 6 eggs, the cabinets only had a load of bread, a bottle of salad dressing and half case of water bottles.
With a low sigh, he heads to a drawer to grab a bite pad and a pen and starts making a list of everything he is out of and what he needs to pick up after he eats something.

20 minutes later and Ashton is leaving his house, to take his car and driving towards the grocery store he has been going to for the past few years.
When Ashton arrived at the grocery store and started his shopping.

About 45 minutes later, Ashton Is finished with his shopping and was heading to his car to find a cafe or bakery to buy some jam filled donuts.
As he was driving around the town looking for either one, he see's a sign up ahead for a new bakery he has not heard of before.
Ashton doesn't think much of it, as he pulls up to the parking lot. But then again, he doesn't leave his house much.

After he got out of his car, he was hit with the sweet scents coming from inside the bakery. A smiled forms on his face as he walks to the door and pushed it open to see some other people inside buying sweets or eating them at some tables next to the windows.
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