From bully to piggy

chapter 1

In a two story frat house is where Elliot Saltwater lives with his best friends who are all jocks and in different sport teams.

When Elliot woke up in his dorm, he had a strange feeling like something was going to happen today, but he put it of his mind as he began to grab his clothes to take a shower.
After his shower, Elliot was standing in front of the mirror as he flexed his abs and biceps.

He was so absorbed by his muscles that he didn't knowtist his eyes had flash a deep purple before returning to his usual baby blue. As he grab his red t-shirt, he felt his stomach let out a growl of hunger.

"Well time for breakfast!" He said to himself , as he pulled his shirt over his head, before leaving the bathroom.

Once Elliot got downstairs, he is greeted by his four best friends and roommates: Joshua Tree who is a tall athletic runner from track- black messy hair and emerald green eyes with tan skin.
Carter Show who is a extremely muscler football player he is taller than Elliot who is 6'0 while Joshua is only 5'10 and Carter is the tallest at 6'8. Carter has a mix of brown and blonde hair and hazel eyes with tan skin.

Then you have Corey Samuels with his black hair and brown eyes, and slim yet powerful build as he is on the swim team, he stands at 6'6 and had milk chocolate color skin.

And lastly was Harry Red who has black hair that reaches his shoulders, chestnut brown eyes, tan skin and is very athletic with him being in the soccer team with Elliot. He is about an inch or two taller than Elliot.

Besides all five males being athletes in different sport teams, they all have the same secret. All five males are gay, but they haven't told each other or know if their roommates are gay as well. There is another thing that makes, Elliot different from his best friends and roommates is that he bullies his crush who is from a different fraternity house.

Joshua, Carter, Corey and Harry all have a FA fetish, and are all feeders who haven't acted on their desires to fatten up Elliot, who all four have a crush on the oblivious jock. But today was different.

When Joshua, Carter, Corey and Harry woke up, they all had the same desire to fatten up Elliot that day, so when they woke up and got dressed, they all started cooking up a feast that is mostly for Elliot as they eat their own smaller portions of breakfast.

So when Elliot came down the stairs, and he saw the spread of food on the table, he imdeatly started to dig in as he is moaning in pleasure and bliss at how good the food is.
His eyes where closed as he ate everything he grabbed. If his eyes where opened he would of noticed the looks of hunger and lust on his roommates faces as they eyes were now purple as they all kept bringing and cooking more food and setting it down near Elliot as he happily stuffs his face.
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MikeTehCakeBoy 3 years
Omg this is one of the hottest stories I've read on here! I so want to be in Elliot's position!!