Living with a cook

chapter 1


Noah Klawmin was busy looking for a new roommate to move in with him, since his best friend; Kyle Rose has recently moved in with his girlfriend/soon to be finance.

And he is looking for a new roommate, to help pay for the rent. But even though his job at IHOP pays really well, it's still not enough to pay all the bills for his house he can get by, with only buying easy made meals and continuing his exercising to stay in shape.

Noah is 6'3 in height with pale tan skin, and a swimmers build. He has snow white hair, and ruby red eyes, he also has rabbit ears on the top of his head and even a soft fluffy cotton tail; on the end of his tail bone.
Yes, he is part rabbit. In fact every single person on the earth, have animal ears and tails.

It was winter time, and Noah was costing his parents for Christmas time. Noah got his mother's white hair and his father's ruby red eyes. Noah's parents: both have rabbit ears and tails.
His mother; whose name is: Rebecca Klawmin.

And she is 5'0 in height with pale skin, and long waist length and a thin body, and has green eyes.
His father is HUGE! He is 7 feet tall, with long raven black hair that he always keeps in a low ponytail as his ears and tail match his hair. He has tan skin and a very strong and muscler body. His name is Colton Klawmin and he and his wife have a total of 7 kids.

Noah and two of his sisters are the oldest of the 7 who have moved out of their parents house, while the other four are still in school.

When Noah was in high school, he came out to his parents. And they both became supportive of him but more protective over him since Noah can be to trusting, when it comes to others.

After spending the holidays with his parents and siblings, it was time for Noah and his sisters leave home and head back to their homes for their own jobs and lives.

When Noah arrived at his own house he checked, his voicemail and discovered that someone replied to his message about a new roommate.
Noah notice the time, and discovered how late it was and he decided to send an email, to the person who might become his soon to be new roommate.
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