Broke the rules

chapter 1

Ingrid got home and closed the door, hanging her coat up on the rack. Her baby pink button up shirt was clinging to her body. As was her high waisted skinny jeans. She knew she was perfect. Flat stomach, skinny thighs, decently sized boobs, a small but round butt, thin and proportionate face, she was perfect. She had great friends, was dating the hottest boy in school though she was forbidden from dating.
Little did she know, her father found out. And he had a plan for an ultimate punishment. He was already protective, but after his dear little girl disobeyed his most important rule, he knew he couldn't let her out in the cruel world.
Dinner time approached, he had drugged her drink with not only a high power weight gain tablet that greatly increased hunger, decreased metabolism and gave the taker a continuously tired state effective immediately, but also a sedating drug that would sedate her just enough for her to be completely oblivious of her insane eating that was going to become.
Father was furious, he could never let his baby girl out into the world again, it was Friday, and little did she know her final day stepping outside the house. He took her out of the school and pulled strings with the government so she wouldn't need to be homeschooled. He was planning on making her gain weight to immobility, and dumbing her down to the point where her only thought process would be eating and gaining. Father watched Ingrid drink her drink and the effects were almost instant. She dug into her macaroni and cheese and had seconds, then thirds, then fourths, then fifths. Her belly was considerably larger and her shirt was stretched thin, clinging on for dear life and threatening to pop a button or two at any minute. Same with her pants. She didn't even notice. Ingrid went on to desert and ate an entire ice cream cake, the first two buttons of her shirt came undone.
Her belly ached for more as she downed a large milkshake. This time her pant button came undone, unzipping completely on its own and showing the damage that was being done. Her belly rested on the beginning of her thighs. The bottom three buttons of her shirt came undone. Father thought to himself, ways to ensure she doesn't even leave her bed. Breakfast in bed tomorrow, that's for sure. As with brunch, lunch, dinner, desert and all her other snacks in between. And after a while he'll stop sedating her, but not until she's gained a considerable amount of weight.
After another cake and the rest of her shirt buttons undoing themselves, she was tired. Her belly was tight and protruding outwards. It was huge on such a tiny girl such as herself. Father ordered the maid to take her to bed. The maid put her into her pajamas, though the waistband of the bottom was digging into her belly and the shirt rode all the way up. By the time that was done she was already sleeping.
The maid placed her snacks for morning on her nightstand, also drugged.

Morning came too quickly. Ingrid woke up starving, so starving she couldn't see her new belly. Though it was significantly smaller than last night and much softer, doughy to put it into perspective, it was still very big on her little body, that has also gotten some fat distributed on her. She put a hand on her belly but as soon as she saw the snacks she took it off and dug in. She ate all of them in minutes, her belly was beginning to be bloated again but she was still hungry. She rubbed her belly, sedated, in painful hunger. The softness squeezed through her fingertips. Her face was ever so slightly fuller.
The maid came in with a large tray for her breakfast, father following close behind. She set the tray down and left. Father stayed. He gave Ingrid a kiss on the forehead and placed his hand on her belly that was exposed due to her now too small pajamas.
"This is the smallest you'll ever be again. Don't get out of bed today," he told her. She nodded, dozing off as he shoved a donut in her mouth. She was so high from taking all those snacks at once. She could only chew on her own as he shoved donuts into her mouth. He was in no way sexually attracted to his daughter. But he wanted to feel her perfect features diminish at his hand. After she had eaten an entire box of 24 donuts, her shirt was now a bra and her pants snapped down to her hips. She looked pregnant again, more so than last night. He moved on to feeding her an entire breakfast pizza. She was finally full, and even more sedated than before.
"Daddy I'm tired," Ingrid complained as she wrapped her arms around her belly.
"I know," he removed her arms from around her and laid her down. He set down a huge pile of snacks on her nightstand, "For when you wake up."
Ingrid fell asleep for a good hour until she was hungry again. She ate all the snacks but didn't notice her fat was distributing and she was no longer too bloated. She had clearly gained maybe two pounds. She was ever so slightly bigger everywhere but her stomach was bigger. She looked to weigh about 125 pounds. Still skinny. Too skinny.
Little did she know she would be eating like this for a very long time.
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CaliGainingGirl 4 years
I loved this!
Frostxwatcher 4 years
Pacing ins way too fast it messes up the story a lot, needs to be a tad slower
Bellybeep1000 4 years
Wtf no good. Father even if his daughter was daging would do something like that!