Family curse

Chapter 1 - year 1

I couldn't fall asleep, rolling in my bed, pondering. I was nervous. Tomorrow was my twenty fifth birthday and in my family it was kind of a big deal. If you were woman that is. Every female, as far as anyone could remember, seemed to blow up after reaching this age. It didn't matter how slim and skinny you were before, there seemed to be no escape from this fate.
I was determined to be the one to change it, to be the exception from the rule. I didn't spend hours upon hours in the gym just to let my toned athletic figure disappear. I worked too hard to get my rock hard abs and there was no way I would let it go in vain just because of some stupid family diagnosis. Mom called it a family curse, but surely there was nothing like that. The fact they all became lazy gluttons can hardly be considered a curse... I was sure that if I just maintained my current regime then nothing wrong could happen.
Reassured by my reasoning I drifted into sleep.

I woke up starving, hungrier than I ever was before. Could there really be something real about it? No, that's silly. I'm sure it's just in my head. I ate a banana as my breakfast and ignored the unsatisfied rumbles coming from my stomach. Weirdly enough, even the single piece of fruit made me look a bit bloated. "That's it, I'm going to the gym! That will show you!"

One intense workout and shower later, I was sitting in my car, ready for the long ride to my childhood home. Home... I haven't been at home since Christmas three months ago. With all that was going around at work it seemed like ages ago and I was quite excited to see the rest of my family, even though they could be a lot to handle sometimes, especially my sisters.

"Happy birthday, honey!" My mom greeted me with a big squishy hug as soon as I stepped out of my car. My mom was a short woman barely over five feet tall, but what she missed in height she made up for in width. Her large bosom rested on top of her well-fed middle, but her biggest asset must have been her huge bottom and her wide hips that couldn't be described as anything else than motherly. Despite being massively overweight, her weight must have been near to 300 pounds, and having a big lifetime jubilee around the corner, my mom was still quite youthful and beautiful.
"Hey, mom."
"How was the travel?" My mom asked.
I let out a sigh. "Pretty exhausting actually."
"Did you have lunch?"
"No." I shook my head.
"Oh, you must be starving!" She said, her filled with concern. "Come on inside, your sisters are already here as well, but there still should be some food."
At the thought of food my annoying stomach let out a demanding growl.

Mom went into the kitchen, but I couldn't follow her, because of a wobbly figure that ran towards me.
"Hey Kelly! Happy birthday!" Two soft arms wrapped around my firm lean body.
"Hi Courtney." I planted a kiss on the shorter girl's forehead. Nineteen years old Courtney was the baby of the family and was the only sibling that still lived with our parents. When she released me from her tight embrace, I could take a better look at her. Courtney was as far as I can remember always chubby, being the only member of the family that didn't stay slender until reaching twenty five. Looking at her now I was amazed how much she managed to change in those few months I haven't seen her. The previously chubby teen was heading straight into the fat territory. Fortunately for her the biggest portion of the weight was located on her chest. Courtney's huge boobs were each bigger than her entire head and they completely overshadowed her pudgy tummy.
"Oh my god, look at you!" I exclaimed looking at her breasts. Courtney took it as an incentive to proudly stick out her chest, straining her button down blouse to its limit. The buttons creaked under the huge pressure from her jiggly mounds, but held. I've always been pretty proud of my looks, but comparing my meager B cups with the watermelons attached to my little sister's chest made me self-conscious.
"Where are Amber and Cheryl?" I asked Courtney in order to distract my mind from feelings of inadequacy, even though I already knew what the answer to my question will be.
"Oh, they're stuffing their faces in the living room. As always."

Mom emerged from the kitchen bearing a plate with two of her infamous hamburgers. Don't get me wrong, they were delicious, but they were so big and filled with so many calories, it would make your eyes pop out of your head. I've never been able to finish even one of those things.
"Here you go honey. I'm sorry I couldn't save more for you. Those two," she motioned her head towards the living room. "They're like acid! I even had to send your dad to get more food!"
"Thank you. It looks heavenly."

Courtney stared at my burgers with her mouth watering.
"Here." I offered. "Take one. There's no way I would eat both of them." Courtney didn't need any convincing and immediately grabbed one burger off of my plate and started to cram it into her mouth like if she was afraid that someone would take it from her. Remembering our two older sisters were in the next room, it made some sense actually. I took a bite of my burger, already imagining how much time I will have to spend in gym to make up for it.

"Oh look, it's Twiggy." Said Amber, my eldest sister, while she was pointing her fat arm in my direction.
"Hey Twiggy." Cheryl mumbled with her mouth full and with burgers in each hand. She didn't even bother turning her head to face me, too occupied with stuffing hamburgers into her greedy mouth.
It was quite shocking display even though I was fully aware of what I'll find. Amber and Cheryl were sitting on a three-seated couch that was crying for mercy, with they're huge asses and thunder thighs pressing against each other. Just three months ago the 29 years old Amber was significantly larger than Cheryl, but now it seemed that the 27 years old glutton managed to close the gap between them. And by the look of how was Cheryl eating, it wouldn't take long before she was the fattest in the family.
That was another thing about the crazy family gene or whatever it was. Once you reached a certain point you simply stopped gaining. Amber seemed to have reached this point already, while Cheryl was still piling pounds upon pounds like there was no tomorrow.
Amber and Cheryl seemed to be about the same size, there were big differences however between how their respective weights were distributed. While they both inherited mom's large booty, the rest of Amber's weight was quite evenly spread across her more than 500 pound body. Cheryl on the other hand carried most of her weight in her truly gargantuan gut.
"Can't you move your fat ass a little?" Cheryl turned to Amber. "You're taking too much space!"
"You're taking just as much space as I do! It's this stupid couch. It's way too small!" Amber retorted.
"You guys realize that three people are supposed to fit on it comfortably, right?" I remarked, hiding my disgust.
"Shut up, Twiggy!" Amber and Cheryl shouted in unison.

The whole family sat around the table. Eight chairs for six people. Both Amber and Cheryl were using two chairs to contain their extensive posteriors. I sat between Amber and Mom.
The biggest part of the table was taken by a giant cake with twenty five candles on it.
"Come on, I want that cake. Just blow out those fucking candles already!" Cheryl shouted impatiently.
"Language!" Mom scolded her. "I won't be tolerating such language underneath my roof! If I'll hear anything like that again, you won't get cake at all!" She warned her sternly. Mom turned to me. "Make a wish, honey." Her voice changed from harsh into soft and sweet in a fraction of a second.
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. No curse, please. I don't want to end up like them. I blew out the candles.
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Theswordsman 5 years
Wonder how big she'll get when the curse hits
Bruinsean 6 years
This was a great story.
Viewerr 6 years
Well done! Tbh I don't usually go for obesity this extreme, but the way you write it, I can see the appeal. I really enjoyed reading this smiley