Chances are…awfully good

Chapter 1

Jenna hailed a yellow cab and pulled an overstuffed Sloane inside with her. The cab weaved in and out of afternoon traffic as it worked its way only a short distance away. Sloane winced as the cab stopped short; his hand lightly rubbed his gravely distended gut.

Sloane peered outside. He had a look of astonishment on his face. He knew this place. As a matter of fact, he knew it extremely well. He put his cowboy hat on his head and leaned on her arm as she helped him out of the cab. He pushed up the sleeves of his white linen button down shirt, showing off his brawny biceps. Sloane then tugged on his shirt which somehow still fitting loosely in spite of his sizeable, overfed belly visibly protruding over his faded Rider jeans.

They walked slowly to the main door of the massage parlor. He beamed. He hadn’t been here since he had taken Jenna here for a special treat shortly after they had met. The woman behind the desk greeted them warmly and then showed them to the massage room. It was dark except for the flickering of candles. Incense scented the air. The sound of waves crashing against the shore sounded in the background.

Jenna kissed him full on his lips. “I thought you deserved a little indulgence after your overindulgence today. I’ll be outside. You’d better get underdressed.”

Sloane hugged her and kissed her deeply before she left him. He disrobed slowly, meticulously folding his clothing – and placing them on the side. He first tried to lie face down, but with his gut so distended from his gluttony – it was ridiculously awkward. He flipped over on his back, sliding under the silken covering on the smooth table.

A soft rap on the door and a woman with a heavy Finnish accent asked for admittance. Sloane looked up to see the lovely Pia, one of his favorite masseuse enter the small room. “Darling,” Pia exclaimed, ecstatically. “It’s been so long! And, how you’ve grown!”

Sloane colored slightly. “It’s good to see you, too,” he replied, softly.

Pia walked to the end of the table where his feet stuck out. She flipped a switch and the table split, his legs forced apart into a split. Sloane looked down, but couldn’t look past his mountainous belly. Pia took a bottle of oil and squeezed it liberally across her palms, rubbing them together. Sloane nearly jumped out of his skin when she first touched him. Her hands expertly moved across the great expanse of his fattened belly.

BBBUURRPPP! URP! Sloane belched loudly, beginning a series of cavernous gassy outbursts as Pia continuous kneaded his overstuffed gut.

Pia explored every contour of his spherical gut, fondling the pliable skin, scrutinizing every fraction of his expanded 53 inch belly with her nimble fingers. She then worked her way over to Sloane’s beefy thighs, working her fingers deep into soft tissue.

“Oh, I’m so stuffed. Sorry for the…BBBUURRPPP…for that…can’t help it,” Sloane apologized. Pia tried to look over at him, but his face was barely visible over his gargantuan mound of belly fat.

“No, apology necessary, Mr. Sloane. You’re just showing that you enjoy your meals. Such a wonderful specimen of manhood,” Pia replied, thumping his massive abdomen as she continued his massage. “I’ll work the excess air out and help your stomach to settle.”
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FrecherTyp 11 years
oh liked the deatiled descriptions of fattening him up and his changes very delightful^^

can´t wait for more !
Built4com4t 16 years
wonderfully descriptive...can't wait to find out what happens next ;-)