Chances are awfully good....that i'm in love with you

Chapter 1

“What’s going on?” Jenna exclaimed. The two muscled guys had lifted her up so she was sitting on the tall wooden stool. They were still holding her upper arm, balancing her as Pia came to her side.

“Your husband has requested that you get a special treatment today as well,” Pia began, gesturing to one of the two men. He brought back a platter laden down with sushi – all well cooked considering her pregnant condition – and chockfull of vegetables. Sloane smiled, wordlessly. Sprawled out as he was on the heavily padded masseuse table, his abdomen was at full distention. Stuffed up to his eyeballs, he could barely breathe…let alone speak. Jenna had done her job well. Pia had worked on him as she had Sloane overfed…his belly ballooned larger than ever before. But, now it the spotlight would be on her.

“At your husband’s request, it is your turn to fatten up,” Pia said.

Keeping her eyes on her stuffed stud, Jenna said to him, “This is really sweet, but unnecessary. We came here as a special treat for you.” Jenna’s hand moved to her bloated abdomen just over seven months swollen with child.

He breathed in and out deeply as Pia moved back to his side, and gently kneaded his agonizingly swollen gut with long gentle strides. Jenna’s heart started pounding when she noticed the large cart being pushed in her direction by another well-muscled man. The dark-haired man, Johan, pulled away the coverings. It was an Asian banquet – a combination of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai food – hot, steamy and…all for her.

The shorter sandy-haired man, Derek, at her left side said, “Your husband has said you are not eating your vegetables, so we have brought you many of those dishes for you to fill up on. Johan is your feeder and make sure you are adequately plump.” Derek introduced the man at her right side as Gavin. “Gavin and I will be responsible steadying you and keeping you from feeling hungry.”

Derek’s eyes were drawn to her enlarged abdomen which was already stretching the limits of her maternity chinos and cotton ¾ sleeved shirt. He could already in his mind’s eye her belly exposed and magnified…overblown…inflated…as she lay on the floor, too full to move.

At this juncture, Johan approached with a bowl of steaming green beans in pungent garlic butter. Seeing Jenna’s expression of concern, Johan said, “This is every pregnant woman’s dream – to eat to her heart’s content. Eat, enjoy.” Then with her arms being held by the other two, Johan began feeding her.

One bowl was followed by another and another. Jenna’s cheeks were stuffed full, munching away at one delectable dish after another…her belly becoming tighter. Forkfuls after forkful from both sides were pushed into her. She began to feel like the fatted calf as she chewed…CRUNCH…CRUNCH…CHOMP…After finishing the first tier a half hour later, Jenna was breathing deeply. Her maternity shirt now clung to every bulge and curve. The seams were pulled tight across her ballooning belly so easily seen through the taunt fabric.
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