A valentine's day to remember

Chapter 1

Gary and I had been going out for several months now. We did everything together including eating. Gary had already put 15 pounds on his 400 pound frame. I had put on almost twenty. I had come to the decision last month to allow Gary to help me gain weight and when I finally got myself going, I was relentless. Every morsel Gary offered me I accepted without complaint. Gary looked on in delight as my belly grew plump. It strained my tight jeans for some time, until they would pop open. Gary tried to keep me full at all times. During some of Gary’s firm encouragement sessions, I felt like I was being blown up like a balloon and my weight continued to blossom.

Valentine’s Day was fast approaching. I purchased a few small gifts for Gary – his favorite movie, Shakespeare in Love, a Karma Sutra book, a box huge box of peanut brittle, and tickets to the opera he wanted to see so badly. I figured I would make an extra special meal of all of his favorite foods and feed him for once. I knew he got excited when he worked on me, encouraging me to eat until I was almost bursting, stretching my capacity for eating. But I was also aware that he got sexually stimulated every time I would feed him.

But, that wasn’t going to happen yet. He had come up with his own plans to pleasure me further. And it was all going to take place on February 14th.

Bright and early, Gary woke me to a romantic breakfast in bed. Soft music played in the background as he propped me up on a bunch of fluffy pillows and fed me chocolate covered strawberries – one scrumptious one after another. This was followed with a steamy mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, chocolate croissants, an incredibly large stack of hotcakes, and a ½ pound box of Godiva chocolate.

It was such a treat to be able to just lay back and have all of my needs attended to. I chewed each piece of chocolate thoughtfully, paying attention to each unique flavor and texture – heaven. The hot chocolate was frothy and not too sweet. Next was the beginning of the stack of buttery hotcakes dripping with maple syrup. The hotcakes quickly played havoc on my figure – before I was half way I was so bloated and so full – so much further to go.

“I’ll be devastated if you don’t finish every crumb,” Gary said.

“But, I’m already so full,” I replied.

“Oh, come new. You can eat a little more, can’t you?” Gary answered. “Here,” he said taking two large pieces between his fingers, “Let me help you.”

He slid the pieces almost seductively between my lips, sucking the sweet syrup from his fingers. “Mmmm,” I moaned.

“Here, take some more…and more…more…heaven, you can’t be full yet…here’s some chocolate croissant…try some sausage and bacon…more hot chocolate to wash it all down…” he encouraged.

I concentrated on chewing, swallowing, and keeping up with the amount of food being pushed into my mouth. This must have gone on for over an hour although it seemed longer at the time. My belly was swelling, fattening in response the large portions of starches and fats. My midsection took on the form of a small basketball. As I forged ahead, I thought about stopping, but I didn’t want to disappoint Gary who had gone to so much trouble and honestly – the meal was just so delicious.

So, on and on I went and expanded my figure. Gary massaged my inflating gut and the more he rubbed, the more I ate.

“Come, my dear,” he continued. “More croissants - you only have 8 more to go…oh, your hotcakes look dry, let me pour more syrup over them, they’ll go down quicker…you’re doing so well, look at you swell…you’re making me so hot, baby…more sausage…”

Finally my plate was clean of every crumb. My gut bowled out into a tight, rounder ball. I belched rubbing my overfed belly. He didn’t stop massaging me for until a long time afterward. When I was allowed to stand, I had to be helped. I put on my jeans…didn’t even come close to fitting over my bulbous middle. I took the size 14 low cut jeans and zipped them up…size 8 seemed to be such a long time ago.

Downstairs in the lobby, Gary hailed a cab and it took us to Central Park. He had arranged for a horse and carriage ride through the park. It was a brisk and somewhat chilly morning. We snuggled under a big, scratchy blanket in the carriage and took in the sights. I nuzzled up close to him, my arms not able to reach around his giant, soft belly.

As soon as we were on our way, I felt his fingers pulling and kneading my belly, working their way down to rub between my legs. I leaned into him, trying to remain motionless except for the bouncing of the carriage…not to give away what was being done to me. I bit my lip, stifling a moan as I was coming closer to an orgasm. But, then he stopped, not letting me come. The rest of the ride he held me close, his hand softly gyrating my belly fat.
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Betterbigger 1 year
WOW! What a great story, very well written and amazing content. More please!
Lizzyny 4 years
Thanks, Juicy. This was the one adventure that started it all.
Juicy 4 years
I can’t believe how few comments there on on this story! I have loved it since it was posted, and I come back every so often to enjoy it again. Brilliant entry in a great series.
Chubbybellygirl 12 years
Still one of my favorite stories.