Changing you

chapter 1

Kate had met Jan a few months ago, last year. They were apart of the same group - Jan had joined long after Kate did, and back then, Jan didn’t interest her that much.
What caused her sudden interest, you might be wondering?

It wasn’t really anything big, and for all Kate knows, it could be nothing. But Kate discovered Jan really, really liked food. Lots of it. She wasn’t sure he was a feedee or gainer - he just didn’t seem like the type. Jan typically kept a thin, slightly muscled physique, but as of recent he definitely gained at least a few pounds as Kate seized the opportunity to get closer to him. He was definitely hard to get to know, but there’s always the thrill in finding your way.
And as she did find herself liking him as a person. Sure, Jan could be brutally blunt and even aggressive. Usually passive-aggressive. But he did have..valuable qualities.

Kate entered the room and spotted Jan almost immediately. The guy looked like he was resting, maybe - leaned against the wall. His eyes opened upon hearing Kate, though, as she greeted him with a “hello!”

Jan nodded. “Hello.”

She sauntered up to him as he stood up, looking down at her. She was definitely shorter, with him being 6’1 and her reaching 5’6. “Are you free today?”

“Yes. Why?” Normally, Jan would just ask why instead of answering with a yes or no. At least Kate was definitely somewhere. She had yet to know how he felt of her, though.

“Oh, I thought we could head to my house, you know? Just hang for a bit, it’s been a while.”

“...we hung out two days ago.” He stated.

“Ah yes. But it does feel like a long time, doesn’t it? I figured I could grab you something to eat, maybe? Have you had lunch today? I could make you it, you know..!”

He seemed to speak, but faltered for a moment. He then answered, though it was clear he was a bit unsure. “I don’t..”

“Come on! I’ll make you something, it’ll be good!”

He inhaled, moving his arms so his hands pressed into his abdomen slightly. He released his breath.

“Sure. I’ll go.”

“Good, good! My car is out here, it is a little while of a drive so I do hope you’re not hungry!”

Kate was definitely being a bit extroverted right now. She usually was, but this was unusual of her. She noted that herself. Jan didn’t seem too suspicious, but then again - what could he suspect? That she was trying to fatten him up? That would be the last guess, she’s pretty sure.


They pull into her driveway about twenty minutes later. Kate lives on the quieter side of town. Rarely anyone bothers her here, which she likes. She exits her car as Jan does as wall, shutting the door.

“Nice place,” she hears him speak behind her.
“Thank you,” she appreciates the compliment.

She unlocks her door and allows Jan - who glances at her - to enter first, before closing the door behind her. Kate directs him to the dining room already, showing him around a little bit - what, she’s gotta be a good host!

Jan takes a seat at the table, looking around, studying the place as Kate goes to grab what she’s prepared. She’ll make more once he’s eating. She’s got a bit, some meats, bread, and pasta - it’s what came to mind, of course.

“I do hope you like this sort of stuff,” though she knows he’ll probably eat it anyway. Jan was not known to be that picky. And Kate was known to be a good cook. And baker.

Jan seems to pause as he gives what she’s set down a gander, staying silent as he looks it all over. He glances up at Kate. “I thought this was lunch.”

“It is.”

“This is a bit much.”

Oh, come on. Jan’s eaten far more than this in a single sitting. She knows that he can eat this.

Kate’s smile fades into a false frown. Or maybe half fake, half real. She turns around, away from him as she speaks. “Oh, I don’t have enough room in my fridge,” she did, “where will I put all of this? I don’t want to throw it out.”

She’s not sure how Jan is reacting, but when she hears him pick up the fork, she knows her answer. A little known fact about Jan was that he was pretty vulnerable to guilt tripping. For whatever reason. It was one of those good qualities about Jan.

She turns to look at him. He’s begun to eat, and she’s pretty sure this’ll take him some time, so she can begin preparations for next course...
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