Charri's binge

chapter 1

Charri has always dreamed big, as in bigger & bigger than she is now. At 5'8" and 170lbs, she's not svelte in stature, but well rounded. A beautiful hourglass figure with overflowing breasts, curvy hips and a pot belly to die for. Her job, as a tour guide, keeps her weight in check, as she must be active & mobile to pay her bills. Her job gave her 3 days off in a row, Mon-Wed, and she worked four 10 hour days. With her days off not being the same as her friends, she found herself with not much of a social life, and no prime time to meet new friends.

Once a month, she'd allow herself a royal binge, a few days of eating to the bursting point, and beyond. This month, it began on Sunday night, after work, with a large pan pizza and a pan of brownies and a large sprite, all delivered by the cute pizza man, Jeff, from Domiques Pizza. She managed to enjoy the stuffing, beyond the hurting point, being turned on multiple times during her meal. You see, for Charri, stuffing and sex were best served together, what could be better.

The next morning, Charri went to the local buffet for breakfast, 4 plates later, full of pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon & sausage, she had to force herself up to leave the restaurant. Her yoga pants beginning to feel the pressure, even rolled down below the belly, and her large T-shirt beginning to ride up, to show just a hint of bare belly between the fabrics. After breakfast, Charri went home to pleasure herself and take a nap until lunch time. Lunch was the local Burger King drive through for two large Whopper meals with Orings. After lunch, and some pleasure in the car, she went home for another nap, it was her day off after all, so why not a couple of naps in a day. Waking up hungry, and not wanting to head out, Charri ordered from Goodfellows, another large pan pizza, large order of dessert pie and a big coke, this meal brought more pleasure, and another nap. Waking up from her 3rd nap of the day, Charri found herself still hungry, so Dominiques order it was. Lucky for Charri, Jeff was working again.

Jeff, an FA, at 6'1" and 200lbs of blonde hair & blue eyes, he was every woman's dream, but he was not interested in the little ladies, he admired well rounded ladies with great appetites, and was excited to see he was being sent to Charri's again, 2 nights in a row. You see, Jeff didn't need to work, he had a trust fund to pay for everything he could ever want, except you can't buy love, and you can't buy a well rounded lady, so, he decided delivering pizza would be a great way to meet the lady of his dreams, and Charri might just be that lady. Jeff wanted a lady he could feed, a lady he could help grow to her full potential. He slipped in an extra pan of brownies, and went to deliver to Charri, his last delivery of the night.

Charri was so excited to hear the knock on her door, answering it in her lingere and silky robe, as her pants of the day were just too restricting, and it was late, so, why get dressed for delivery. Jeff arrived and offered to bring in her order to the kitchen, hoping to find an excuse to stay and help Charri enjoy her meal. Charri notice how excited Jeff was, and asked him if he would like to join her for dinner, Jeff complied, what else could he do. At this moment, Charri noticed the extra order of brownies, and poutily asked Jeff if he intended to feed everything to her, and, of course, he did.
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GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Whoah! How did I miss this gem of a story!

Well-written, and I especially enjoy the lovemaking scene. I am much like you perhaps, not always finishing my stories, but anyway, I did enjoy this. I hope you write more stories for us to enjoy!
Jazzman 7 years
I have more. You could make this really rock as a maybe 6 chapter story. But after the binge day one make it 4.5 lbs. I had a woman who did that. And she gained 3 a day 10 days in a row another time. 25 and 20 just is impossible like you don't want to tak
Jazzman 7 years
I was so loving this until you got impatient and had a 25 lb day followed by a 20 lbs day. Why? Off to a great start with really good and unique plot. Couldn't you just make it great? Damn.
Supercode 7 years
The plot moves a bit fast, but overall, this story is good. Please continue!