Cheering for my piggy

chapter 1

Laughter and giggles erupted as Chelsea waddled down the narrow hallway. She felt her cheeks flush with anguish and shame as she tightened her grip on her new schedule. Of course, she was used to the mean comments hurdled her way, but every now and then she almost forgot she was the heaviest girl in the room. At 330 pounds, you would think the obese girl would actually attempt to settle down on her lazy habits, but now that she was excused from P.E, she could use the spare spot in her schedule for gorging and reading . “Chelsea perhaps we can find a replacement class to spare you from anymore.... incidents? Wouldn’t that be nice? Plus I understand for a larger girl like yourself it must be pretty hard to move all that extra weight around huh?”, her counselor Ms.Janice said. Chelsea shuttered at the thought of gym. How the entire track and cheer team would torment her as she tried to participate in some of the activities the class took. Her pale cellulite covered thighs rubbing against each other as she attempted to jog in place. How the athletic girls would taunt her with snacks in her locker after class. The sad part was, Chelsea didn’t mind. She’d munch on the packaged Cheetos, smearing cheddar powder all over her fat lips . Then she’d find her way towards the Skittles, her chunky hands cramming them in her mouth as fast as she could before her next class. Sometimes, she’d almost forget she wasn’t alone in the locker room and that her piggish behavior could be noticed all around. “I see someone found her snacks!”, Jean Iver sneared as she and her other classmates exited the showers. Chelsea sighed. She knew what was coming next. Letting out a belch, she quickly grabbed her belongings, trying not to embarrass herself as the other slim bodied girls joined the teasing. Then she caught those eyes . The same eyes that always gave her just a sliver of hope, that maybe being a fat girl wasn’t wrong, that just maybe she was glorified in someone’s world. Those eyes belonged to Jessica Farrell.
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Theswordsman 4 years
Love how this is going