Chi's bunny binge

chapter 1: bunny's first rolls

Chi stepped on the scale after a shower on a hot day. Her thin under fed body giving a clear view of her weight. The scale read a light 106lbs, Chi grabbed her tiny flab and began day dreaming. Her ass so large she needs 4 seats just to sit down. She let out a soft moan over the exciting thought of being so large. She eeped remembering she had a roommate who was in his room only a few steps away. She put her clothes on and went to the fridge, thankfully her roommate had a junk food addiction which meant lots of fatty foods. She grabbed her roommate's left over chicken. He had bought to much for himself and there was practically a full chicken left. She stuck it in the microwave and imagined how stuffed she would be after eating it. The microwave beeped and she took out the re heated chicken. She let it cool before digging in, She tore into it but soon stopped as her stomach told her it was full. She leaned back and rubbed her full belly, she barely just started eating. She sat back up and went back to eating ignoring her stomach begging for mercy. Finally the battle was one, she leaned back rubbing her aching belly. She got up and waddled to her room to try and sleep off this stuffing. She got ready for and climbed into bed sleeping on her back. Her stomach stuck out even under the covers of her bed. The next morning she went to get dressed for the day when her clothes felt tighter. She gasped, could she had gained already? She checked the scale 120lbs. She jumped for joy as her new plumper body bounced with her movement. She wanted more flab, more girth to her body, time for another stuffing session. She pulled up a seat by the fridge, opened it up and began to eat anything she could get her hands on. Nothing was safe from the glutton's grasp as she pulled food into her mouth. Inch by inch her stomach ballooned out looking like a flabby balloon as her room mate walked out and his jaw dropped. Chi stopped noticing him and laughed nervously. "H-Hi Mike.."She said face covered in food.
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