College fattening

chapter 1

Susan was still packing her last boxes into the car before finally leaving home and moving into college. She had been planning what to wear on her first day, what make-up to put on, and even what perfume to wear, since she wanted to be as popular in college as she had been in high school. Always first in her class getting always A's, she had also been one of the most popular girls in the school ever since she was a freshman. She was fun and charismatic, but her glow really came from her beauty. She was fairly tall, thin, and athletic but still having nice size boobs. Her face was beautiful, she had full lips and almond-shaped green eyes. Her hair was long and shiny. She was the definition of beauty.
When she finished saying her last goodbye to her sister and mom, she got in her car with her dad, who was going to drive her to her campus and help her get her thing in her dorm. It was a 7-hour drive so it was not something you do every day to go see your family, so she was saying by to her friends and family for at least 5 months or so.
As soon as they arrived on campus she was blown away by the number of people and pretty girls that were there for move-in day. She immediately started feeling anxious. For the first time in her life, she was going to actually compete with other girls.
She entered her room, where her roommate had already put her things, and hanged a couple of posters.
- Oh hi! You must be Susan, right? - Said a young but not too pretty girl
- Yes hi, you must be... Ummm... Oh I am so sorry I font remember
- Luna! I am Luna, it's okay hahaha -
Susan started arranging the things around the room and putting her clothes in the closet. After her dad left she got her first shower on campus and then changed her clothes to go to the cafeteria to grab something for dinner. Luna went with her since they had nothing to do, and they didn't know anybody yet, although Susan was being rude and mean to Luna, since she didn't really want to be her friend, she wanted to have pretty friends.
For the first couple of weeks, Luna had been trying to be nice to Susan, but she had been just ignoring her and trying to not be seen talking to her. She wanted people to associate her with beauty and Luna was not going to help with that.
After those first two weeks, Luna started to get tired of Susan and was ready to play revenge. She started thinking of a way she could piss Susan off without being caught. She thought about what was the most precious thing for Susan and she immediately thought of beauty, she needed to ruin that.
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