The once slim bella

chapter 1

September 4th:
Bella, what could I say about her, she was a dream of a girl, every man's fantasy. Her mum is french and her dad spanish what gives her an amazing sexy look that is hard to explain , there is something in the way she looks at me that makes forget about everything. Her face is so pretty I could stare at her for hours, those big honey brown eyes make you feel like that is the place where you want to always be. She has long brown hair, really dark brown, almost black. Her skin is pretty and fragile, she has almost flawless skin except for some freckles around her nose. Her body is slim, really thin actually, you can see her hip and rib bones when she stretchs to grab something or wen she puts something on. Her butt is small but fine, really round and cute. She has almost no boobs, she almost never wears bra since she doesn't need it. I wish she would stay like this for eternity, I love her so much I want her to stay this way forever.

September 10th:
I feel so sad for Bella, she had been having this terrible headaches that even makes her cry because of the pain it causes her is so strong she can not even think. We are taking her to the doctor tomorrow to see what is going on and maybe she will be able to do something about it.

September 11th:
This is so great, we took Bella to the doctor and he put her on this medication that she has to take everyday so her head will not be in pain anymore. It's so great that the solution was so easy. She is going to be fine so soon.

September 20th:
It's crazy how meds affect people, Bella has been telling me about how her pills make her super hungry and so she had been eating more, not that this is any problem, she is so slim her body would still be perfect if she gained some weight so neither she or me are worried about it. It's actually quite cool to go out to eat with her now, I mean cooler than before since she orders so much food most waitresses look at her in shock at how is it possible for her to eat so much. Like yesterday. we went to this burger chain a few streets form my apartment and she ordered a really big burger with fries, she ate it really quick and then ordered an other burger and ate it without even thinking about it. If that was enough to be shocked about, all this was finished with a large bowl of ice cream with some brownie. The waitress was so shocked she even asked if she was pregnant or something.

September 28th:
We are having so much fun. Bella had never been much of a foodie, like she always said that her stomach was just small so whenever we went out to eat she would have something really light and most times she was not able to finish that, but lately oh my... it's like she had a wild beast living inside her and craving food. True is that her hips and now a little bit bigger than they used to, I can no longer see her hip bones sticking out and that is actually nice because her butt is becoming rounder and softer. What can I say, a little bit of flesh looks good on her. It must be because of her spanish genetics that most of her weight is pilling on her bottom part and her belly is staying flat.

October 10th:
Sex is better than ever before with Bella, I don't know if it is this new medication or the fact that her body looks better than ever, but everything about sex is just perfect now. Like now, when we are having sex I grab her butt which by the way is still so round I am out of my mind about it. Anyway, everything is amazing. I have notices that she is eating even more than before now, even for breakfast. She used to have a cup of tea and just head out, but now she is having either pie or cake, with some hot chocolate with milk, her appetite is growing like crazy!

October 20th:
Oh her ass! She had probably gained about 25 or 30 pounds since she started with the medication and it all has gone to her butt! What a girl oh my.. her body it's just amazing. The only bad part about her body getting a little bigger is that her clothes no longer fit, so she is now so tight in them they don't show well her figure. Yesterday we were going to the cinema and I was waiting for her there when I saw her walking towards me, it was weird because she had put on some really tight jeans that she used to wear and were now so tight I was surprised she was not hurt by them. You could see a little muffin top over her belt ( I still don't understand why would she wear a belt with those if they were not going to fall down anyway). I didn't say anything about those jeans since this is her first time ever gaining some weight and I don't want to make her feel bad about it. So, anyway, we went into the cinema and as soon as she sad the button of the jeans flew of and hit the seat in front of us. Her body pushed so hard the jeans could not hold it. She didn't even paid attention to the fact that her button was now on the floor, and she started eating her pop corns and drinking her big cup of coke.

November 6th:
It is weird that Bella doesn't seem to notice her body changing and if she does, she acts like she doesn't care about it. She had gained more weight, and I mean, no wonder why... She had been eating like crazy, snaking all the time and since she had never liked fruit or vegetables she just eats junk and greasy food all the time, like the other day, she had a pizza for breakfast, like ... what kind of person does that?! Her body is growing and I don't know what to do... She keeps trying to wear her old outfits but now they look funky since her body is all snugged into those clothes. Today she was trying on some tight dresses she usually wear when we go to parties and since we had one today she took them out and started trying them on. They were so tight you could tell the color of her underwear without even making an effort. She ended up wearing a really tight red dress that fade her belly look pregnant but she kept saying " I love how this fits, it's such a pretty dress!"

November 20th:
People have started asking me if she is pregnant of what is going on because of how her belly is looking. She had been adding pound to her belly and now sex is not as great since it grosses me out a bit to see her belly shaking when we make sex...
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
I am enjoying your stories so much. I’m practically addicted to your tales.
GummieTummy 5 years
This is so good! I’m hoping there’s a lot more story to come (and a lot more Bella)! smiley