This is not what mia had planned

chapter 1 - mia

As one of the prettiest girls on campus, Mia was well known for her beautiful face and nice slim body. She was the kind of girl guys cross on the street and stare at and wish they know. Her face had this nice diamond shape, blue bright eyes and pretty long brown hair. She was not tall but neither short, we could say that she was average. Her body was nice and slim since she had always done ballet and liked staying in shape. Her butt was round, like a small bubble butt.
This was her first year of college and as a freshman she had all the attention drawn to her and many guys in campus wanted to catch her attention in order to get with her.

It was first week of the school year and Mia had just met her room mates. Laura was tall and skinny, pretty girl, but not as Mia. Maria on the other side was the same height as Mia but quite chubby, her legs rubbed when she walked and she had quite a big muffin top.
They both seemed like pretty good girls in the beginning, little did Mia know what was about to happen.
As time went by Laura and Maria were becoming really good friends, while Mia was more on her own, hanging out with guys from the football team and the typical pretty girls from campus. Although as room mates they had gained confidence with each other and usually shared their thought about each other as well as long conversations before bed every night.
It was after a couple of months that Mia started to act like a brat and fight between them started to emerge. First. Mia didn't really cared about Maria's weight, but after she started to try to hang out with her more, she also started to make comments about it. She wanted to have a good reputation and really cared about the people she was being seen with. This way, Maria didn't fit in the kind of hot girl that people admire.
Mia's comments started pretty mellow but became worst and worst over the course of time. She would say things like "you should it that, your stomach looks so big you are going to start having to carry it with a wheelbarrow" and other really mean things.
On the other side, Laura didn't really like Mia, first, because of how much of a brat she was, and second of all because of jealousy. She wanted to be admire but guys, as she was pretty and had a nice body, but somehow Mia was the one who always received the attention.

*** feed and weight gain starts in chapter 3***
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Karenjenk 4 years
It's been a year.... and... you could still go on with this.
I like how he took control of her
GummieTummy 5 years
I check this story for additional chapters on a daily basis. Will there be updates (I hope)?
QuebecFA 5 years
I really enjoyed this story! It is fast paced and realistic and fun to read! :-)
GummieTummy 5 years
I love that Mia wanted help getting out of bed to start her diet and, instead, Max forced her to eat past her limits! That’s my favorite part so far. I hope he keeps it up and that she hates the results! (evil laugh...)
Sam Johnson 5 years
The story is pretty good so far, it really needs some editing though. 👍 I'm excited to see where this goes
Champ 5 years
Love it!
Fatrolls34 5 years
Great story, I like how realistic it is!
keep going
Fatrolls34 5 years
Great story, I like how realistic it is!
keep going