The exmodel

chapter 1- the arrival

Susan was a beautiful norwegian 19 year old model when she arrived in NY, her 6 foot frame plus her beautiful features made her the desire of every man. Her body was slim, her stomach was toned and flat, the legs were thin and long. She had long blond hair and water blue eyes. Her skin was pale but pretty and her face was just something to talk about, it looked perfect. After years of modeling in Norway it was time for her to step into the international modeling, so she had decided to move to a tiny apartment in NY, she had already booked interviews with some modeling agencies and was ready to become a successful beauty.
She arrived in NY on a sunny morning of June full of energy to start her new life. She arrived at her apartment and settle all her stuff to make it a comfy place for her to stay. She was unpacking her things when she heard a nock on her door, a nock that was going to change her life from that moment on. She went straight to the door and opened.
"Hi this is Mark, I heard some noise and I wanted to come by to say hi... I live right next door" A handsome 6'4 man said with a big smile. He was fit, the kind of guy that goes for a run in the morning and eats super healthy.
"Oh hi... I am Susan" She said shyly
"Nice... so sorry I interrupted... anyway nice to meet you, if you need anything call me" He said as he turned around
Susan was already closing the door as she heard Mark say something:
"Oh wait wait, sorry... I had forgotten... I got this for whoever was moving next door... It's a nest with some food..." He said as he took a basket with a bunch of food inside and some paper around to make it look nice. Susan accepted and took the food inside. She was actually quite hungry so she took the peanut butter and ate a couple of spoons, not to much since she didn't wanted to gain weight.
For a month or so Susan went to different interviews were she left everybody speech less with her amazing proportions and gorgeous face. She booked for a couple photo shoots and was becoming quite famous, appearing in magazines and making her way through the fashion industry.
She had also been talking to Mark quite a lot, they had developed a nice relationship and Susan was waiting for him to actually ask her out. Finally, after month an a half Mark asked Susan out and convinced her to have a romantic dinner at her apartment, with him doing the cooking. She accepted and was actually exited to maybe take a further step with Mark. He went around and prepared dinner. Pasta with meat and a 4 cheeses sauce.They had dinner and that was the moment when Mark realized that Susan had quite a big appetite, she just tried not to eat so she would stay thin. For him it was a fantasy seeing her eating that food and enjoying it.
"oh this is sooo goood... ummm you are not going cook in here ever again or I will get fat eating this..." She said while putting more pasta into her mouth
He laughed. His mind was going crazy imagining her gaining some weight.
"I usually don't eat this much I swear" She said as she kept eating. "Really, it's like I can not stop... so good"
The had a romantic time and then had sex. It was okay, but Mark was hoping for something better in the next months...
Now, Mark had the keys into her house and he was free to be there anytime since they were now dating and Susan was really trusting. After a week he finally came out with an idea. A great idea that was going to take this relationship to a whole new level. He was going to add food addicting powder into her food. First, to open her appetite and second, to make her eat like crazy, not being able to stop. This way it did not matter if he cooked something delicious or it was just some cookies, she was going to eat, and a lot.
By august he decided to start with his plan, he mixed her peanut butter with the powder, and also put it on top of her bread, oat meal, and pretty much everything he could find. That night after dinner time he decided to go to Susan's. He opened the door and saw her eating peanut butter right out of the yard. Spoon after spoon while watching TV. She looked at him.
" I am so hungry today omg babe"
"haha well it's okay, you must be tired today from working so much" He said as he sat next to her
She kept eating until the yard was empty. Her 115 pound body was bloated and her belly was pushing her tank top out. Mark was so turned by that that he jumped on top of her and started kissing her. They had sex. Mark could feel how bloated her belly was and that was exiting for him.
Since she was busy working he would go get groceries for him, later, he would add the food addicting powder and organize everything. One thing he had also started doing was buying more "bad food" such as chocolate chip cookies, pop tarts, waffles and big bottles of peanut butter and so on. She had been eating like crazy but it was too early to notice much.
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