chapter 1

We lay on the bed together, embroidered silk linens and a black sable fur blanket up to our waists. I stroked my hands over their incredible softness, wishing I was touching him.

"It's not Conde, it's just me, just your husband, just the King of France", he said, turning away.

"You mean just the man I love whose body I adore?" I asked.

"It's a great crime to lie to a king", he growled, "Perhaps time on the rack would do you good."

"Oh stop it!" I screamed, "Don't think threatening me is going to silence me."

His eyes lightened up a shade and his face relaxed. "Mary, I...." Were there tears behind those words?

"Francis, I love you...let me hold you, let me touch you please..." I wiped my own tears away.

"Conde..." he started.

"You know why I was with Conde. You also know it's over, and I love you, my husband. We need an heir, Francis..." I pulled him close. He closed his eyes, like if he didn't see the temptation, he could resist it better. He even bit his lip. "The state needs a dauphin, and I need a chubby little boy with blonde hair just like his daddy running around here...touch me, Francis, I'm your wife."

His lips parted no matter how hard he tried to stop himself. I pulled them down onto mine. He put a hand behind my head, parted my lips with his tongue, and kissed me, kissed me like he hadn't seen me in years.

I started to rub the soft sweet roundness of his belly with one hand. He jumped.

"Stop it."

"I can't. I love your body. You know how much I want you big..." I kissed him again.

"Then why Conde? Fit, handsome, every woman in Europe wants him..."

"Francis, you know what happened...after the rape...I couldn't come back to you, to our marriage bed, you want the truth? I'll always be thankful to him for bringing me back to life, the result was that I wanted my real life back, that I wanted you back..."

"I should have protected you..." he growled, "It's my fault..."

"It's not."

"I'm the King of France, I protect a nation, and I couldn't keep my own wife from being violated!"

< br>"Why him?" This time I was sure a tear was rolling down his cheek. "My family's rival, why him?"

"He was there, Francis, that's all", I said, continuing the patting of his perfect belly. After I left, he ate and ate...and ate. 170 to 270 in a year. "I'm so sorry."

"I forgave you long ago", he sniffed.

I kissed him on the cheek.

"For having an affair after what happened to you...I couldn't help but forgive you, I can only imagine how confused you were...but couldn't possibly be attracted to both of us", he said.

"Francis..." I whispered his name, putting my hand behind his head. I pulled him into a kiss.


"Shhhhh hhhh..." He was hard. He fought me for a second, but I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. "Francis, I love you..." He wanted me with every fiber of his being, he'd always wanted me.

I rolled on top of him, straddling his growing body. He sank inside me with a scream and his hips bucked upward. He grabbed my bottom with both hands and shoved himself so hard inside me I gasped. One hard sure stroke after another. "You're my wife, you understand me?" he hissed, burying his face in my hair, "You're mine mine mine mine..." Thrust, thrust, thrust.

I had him back, my Francis, my Francis....I came hard. "Oh god Mary..." he yelled out as I squeezed him, and he followed afterward, shaking like a leaf.

"Be my queen", he whispered.

"I've wanted to be your queen since I was a little girl", I told him.

He shivered.

"Cold?" I asked.

"It's natural, I've been in Scotland tonight", he answered with a laugh.

I touched my stomach. His belly wasn't the only one I was obsessed with. Please let me be pregnant, please, please, I thought, he'll forget about all that with a son of his own.

"Let me feed you", I started, patting his belly again, "You're no doubt hungry after your exercises abroad."
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