Daniella's high school reunion

Chapter 1 - segment 1

This is the first installment of my "Brief Accidents" collection.

What is "Brief Accidents?"

"Brief Accidents" is a collection of *fictional* first- and second-hand scenes involving stuffing and weight gain, similar to what you'd find on experienceproject.com.

Some of these stories are recounts of the narrator's experience. Some will be recounts of what the narrator saw another person go through. Some will be recounts of recounts. The aim is to keep these stories short and sweet, usually written in between larger projects to keep content flowing.

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BRIEF ACCIDENTS CASE #01: Daniella's High School Re-union

Post Title : "Embarrassing moment at my reunion"

posted by: 92_dannipixii

posted : Tuesday 21 April 2020

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"So I've gotten a bit fat, guys |:^/

I don't know how to feel about it all, but one thing I don't have to decide is what I look like now. So I'll start from the start.

I graduated in 2010, but I was only seventeen. That's because I did well in subjects I chose in year ten, so naturally that got me good grades and they let me skip year eleven straight to yr. 12. For about three I think or so years, I just worked part time at a rich upper class dress shop. Like, um, I mean it was really rich.. It was in the city mall, so all the rich inner NY people could come in. I was on my feet a lot, and I only got the job because of connections through the Italian side of dad's family. They knew the owners of the shop, so they gave me the benefit of the doubt. Barely anyone came in, but everything was so expensive you only had to sell two things in one day to keep the store up. I never got to take anything home.

Anyway, I got bored of that and thought why not go to university. So I did, and did psych for a bit. Then I got a taste of languages and thought, hey, here's where I need to be. It took four years, but I got my undergrad in linguistics in 2017. Then two years postgrad which got me honours in 2019. Then literally crossing over into 2020 I got called into translation. Thought, why not, and took it. It was a surprise to me how much travel I'd be doing. Next thing I knew, I was travelling from the states, to Sweden, to Germany, italy, France, then China, back and forth. You never know where you'll end up. It was really cool until the novelty wore off and so now it's another job. Not that it's bad. I get to eat all sorts of foods around the world that I never knew existed. It's just that I know what to expect now, so nothing's really such a surprise to me anymore. I know the routine and know how to work around it and whatnot, you get accommodation for free so once you know how to navigate a city, you just do what you want with the time you're given. Which is pretty much just relaxation and food and wine.

When I think back, I remember starting that job at around 125-ish pounds, which at 5'7" is sorta alright. Then again, I have a decent backside, so there was something there.

Anyway, that's exactly what came to bite me in the ass. There's so much food and relaxation if you know how to be an international translator the right way. Even if I was going into a meeting early in the morning, I'd just drop by a cafe or restaurant or something and get a coffee to take into the meeting where I sat at the back with a couple other translators. So eventually those few coffees turned into coffees and baguettes and muffins, and then those turned into pretty much big takeout meals. If I didn't have anything in the translating sessions, I'd be like, whatever I'm only here for couple more hours, and stop in to have something big and tasty. It always feel so good to be able to eat new things, you never get bored of the same taste.

I mean, I caught onto something early on in the year. We had to wear something moderately formal, so that was usually white shirt and slacks for me. But one day I sat down at an international conference and felt somehow a bit tight in my belt. I just thought I'd done it too tight, so I shimmed it around but it wouldn't stop pinching. When I went to the bathroom I checked my belt, but it was done at the last pin. So it wasn't my belt, it was a small roll forming on my belly. I remember weighing myself at the hotel room that night, and came up at 130 ish, so that probably meant a gain of 5 pounds or so. It wasn't much, but that was the first time I'd ever been able to pinch fat, so it scared the SH*T outta me. I went and starved myself for a few weeks, and it worked, but when I started eating normally again (which was actually heaps in retrospect), the little roll formed back double its original size. The panic was too much, so I think I just ignored it, I was that desperate not to feel like sh*t. If I can estimate well, then I'd say I maybe would have been 135-40? (I'm thinking about how my small belly roll doubled...)

Anyway, I kept eating without thinking, and pretty soon I was changing more and more. Translating is a lot of sitting, waiting and listening, so I just filled that time with eating and never exercised much. Even less when I figured out how to actually use Uber instead of taxis to get around (yes, Uber is still around and still equally as corrupt in 2020). But anyway, a few months went by and I circled around back home to the states, and it was easter - this one just gone. Which meant even more weight. I was seven years into my twenties, so that usually means your metabolism starts to slow. Only part of that accounts for things, though. I guess you can say that travelling the globe, the worldly cuisine found its way under my belt pretty soon. That's why I think I probably came back to the states at about 150, maybe 160 pounds? Who knows, it could have been a bit more, because mum noticed real fast. She didn't tease me about it, she just said to me, 'Just be careful, alright?' and looked at my waist. Which I knew was probably poking out the edges of my pants a bit, and anyone could see I have a paunch now, substantial enough to jiggle when I flicked it. It grossed me out.

I gathered up my work plan and saw I have about two and a bit weeks off. This was on 8th of April, I think. I won't be flying to China until the 24th which is three nights from now.
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FatAdvocateFA 6 years
Thanks smiley It's meant to seem rushed at times to get that forum post vibe, as if someone called Daniella wrote it in her spare time before doing something else.
Karenjenk 6 years
i really liked this.
at time it seeemd rushed.
I hope you keep writing
FatAdvocateFA 6 years
Haha. No, this wasn't a real life experience. I'm not Daniella. I'm not female. I don't have a scrap of fat on me. This entire collection, as it builds over time, is going to be fictional.
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
What a great idea for a series of stories! And you pull this one off wonderfully well! Is this a real-life experience for you? Just curious. Anyway, proceed. I'd love to read more of your stories.