Daria's sacred duty

  By Txen

Chapter 1 - the oracle of abundance

Daria stood nervously in line as a priest addressed them. "When the High Priest arrives, he will begin the ritual of selection in which the Goddess herself will choose from among you who will be her next Oracle." the priest said to them. Daria shifted her weight to her other foot. The group of young women had been standing there for over an hour now and she was becoming frustrated. Daria wouldn't even be here if her parents didn't practically force her to come. "It's a great honor to be chosen by the Goddess" they said. She knew better though. The real reason they wanted her out was because Daria was already in her 20's and still unmarried. All the men in her village were such brutes and she was not about to become someone's house slave. The priest continued speaking to the group of young women. "The Oracle of Abundance must be of child-bearing age, must be a virgin, and must pass the High Priest's test." Daria snickered at the man. 'If these old geezers were the priests, then the High Priest must be absolutely ancient' she thought to herself.
More time passed and Daria was starving, she hadn't eaten breakfast this morning and had walked nearly 10 miles to reach the temple. She began to sweat standing there in her finest clothes. Daria had worn long silken robes, flawlessly white in stark contrast to her midnight black hair that flowed down her back. Wrapped and adorned in strings of red beads that tugged at her hourglass figure beneath her robes. She also wore two small golden sashes, one cinched just under her chest to emphasize her generous bust. And the other at he lower back to further accentuate her ample hips. As attractive as these clothes were, Daria was dying to get out of them. She began to debate simply walking out, but knew that would bring dishonor to her family. Just as she resolved herself to stay, the High Priest finally appeared. Daria's jaw practically unhinged. The High Priest was not a decrepit old timer as she imagined, but a handsome young man who looked as a god from a painting. Daria unconsciously straightened herself and looked around, the other girls were also transfixed on him.
The High Priest turned to them and spoke. "Thank you all for waiting, I apologize for my tardiness." His voice was soft yet firm, with a tenderness and strength to it. "My name is Zale, and I will now begin the selection process." He pulled a small box from his robes and opened it. "These are sacred herbs grown in the temple gardens of our Goddess, Alastanthia. They are commonly used to stimulate appetite. I will walk around to each of you and have you breathe their aroma. If one of you is destined to become the next Oracle of Abundance, the Goddess will send a sign." Zale approached the first woman and held out the box. She breathed deeply and exhaled, Zale watching her all the while. After a few seconds of silence he said nothing and moved on to the next girl. He repeated this until he finally neared Daria. She eyed him feverishly, he was even more attractive up close. Zale stood a whole head above her and had a very defined physique despite his loose robes. As he came to her he held out the box and said quietly "breathe". She closed her eyes and breathed in the fumes, all but melting in his presence. Her ascent into bliss was quickly shattered as her stomach bellowed in hunger. A long and loud growling let loose from her abdomen as Daria wrapped her arms around it in a futile attempt to stifle it. She was horrified at how utterly unattractive she must appear. She started to tear up, but when she looked at Zale he was smiling, a fierceness belying his otherwise gentle countenance. "The Goddess has spoken!" Zale announced to all before turning to Daria. "You my dear will become the next Oracle."

The sun was now setting and Daria sat in the cloister of the temple. The other women had been sent home long ago and Zale was now explaining the Oracle's duties to her. "Do you know what the Oracle's purpose is Daria?" he asked. "I don't know much" she admitted. "I know we make offerings of food to her so that the Goddess will bless us with a bountiful harvest." Daria fidgeted in her seat. Everything happened so fast she had scarcely processed it all. She was going to be an Oracle? She had tried to come to her senses several times in the past few hours, but Zale's voice was like honey in her ears and she was now alone with him. "Yes" he replied. "The Goddess receives the offering when her vessel, the Oracle, consumes it."
"That's it?" Daria said. "I just have to eat? Sounds easy enough." Zale smiled warmly. "I am glad you think so. As High Priest it is my job to assist you in all things and ensure that you are fulfilling your sacred duty." he said to her. Daria felt her cheeks flush. She was quite happy at the thought of being near Zale so often. The door suddenly opened and Zale stood as two priests brought in a basket of warm bread and cheese. "Well then my dear are you ready for your first offering?".


Daria reluctantly swallowed the rice. "Please" she begged "No more". Zale raised his finger to his mouth. "Hush now dear, you know you must finish it. If you do not, then the poor family who left it for you will not receive our Goddess' blessing". Daria's stomach felt tight and painful, at least on the inside. For on the outside it was soft and rotund like dough. She had been forced to consume every offering brought to her, and in doing so tripled her weight over the past three years. "I know" Daria struggled to speak through another mouthful of rice. "But it hurts so bad, please, just a little break?" Zale stood from her bedside and returned with a handful of herbs. "I'm afraid that's not possible my Oracle, but fear not, the sacred herbs will ease your discomfort." he told her. Daria squirmed a little in her bed, she hated those herbs. They made her ravenous like a starving animal. True they numbed the pain of her expanding girth, but would also leave her in a state of lust and desire too powerful to bear. Occasionally Zale would satisfy her immense need for pleasure by offering himself afterward, but it was rare. More often than not he would leave her writhing alone in bed, pleading for him to take her.
"Only if you'll swear to give yourself to me after." Daria demanded as Zale shoved a pastry into her mouth. "Very well my dear, rest assured that I will take care of you afterward". With that Daria ate the herbs and resigned herself to it's effects. She soon began chewing faster, wanting more food. Daria tore through the roasted pork and devoured loaves of bread, her bulging breasts catching the crumbs in their cleavage. She ate until the offerings were all gone, stuffed inside her enormous belly that worked fervently to digest the gargantuan meal. Zale cleaned her face around her mouth and began to tenderly rub her stomach. "Very good Oracle, you serve our Goddess well, now allow me to serve you." he told her as he gently lifted the apron of her stomach and untied the sash that held her vast robes in place. The waves of lust began to hit Daria, she quivered at his very touch and softly moaned, the weight of her gut pressing down between her legs. Zale opened her robes and moved across her blubbery thighs, once capable of carrying Daria for miles, they were now too burdened by fat to carry her farther than the next room. Zale positioned himself between her legs and reached up, grabbing a handful of each of Daria's bounteous breasts to squeeze. She shamelessly yelped in pleasure and bit her lip, feeling with her hands down the corded muscle of his arms. Zale then moved his hands down the length of her stomach to her hips, sensually caressing each roll along the way. When he reached the meat of her thighs, he wrapped his arms around them and tucked his head beneath her stomach, to what ached between her legs. He worked a magic with his tongue that Daria had not known existed and held her as her body throbbed in ecstasy. Daria's breath was pushed out of her, each moan sending ripples through her blubber. Finally she reached the crescendo and nearly screamed in raw, unconstrained euphoria. Zale pulled his head out and smiled. He redressed Daria and left her in that state. Too full to move, too high to think. "You are a wonderful Oracle my dear, you now represent the abundance our Goddess wishes to bestow." As Zale walked down the hall he saw a priest with another basket. "It seems another offering has been placed..."
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