Exceeding expectations.

Chapter 1 - Once upon a time (2012)

Note: This is the true story of my wife and I written in retrospective. I will update it with new chapters if there are any new developments in our life. Also, I will provide some details that I didn't know back in the day, such as weights, heights and some background.

I've always been a FA. Since I was a kid I found big bellies fascinating, I fantasized with people getting fatter and I had my sexual awakening during a very well know (to our community) episode of Totally Spies.
I've never told my friends or family about it and I never had the chance of dating a fat girl because I was terrified of what other people could say. Societal pressure when you're a teenager makes you behave like a total ass and I just tried to suppress my desires and make everyone think I was "normal".

Of course I fantasized with the chubby girls in my class getting fatter and I've enjoyed it when it happened for real, but that was it, I was living a lie in many ways and it was really frustrating.

Everything changed when I started in University. It was a fresh start for me. Different city and far from family and friends, it was the perfect opportunity to start from the scratch and live truthful to who I really am, or to try at least. And she was there at the perfect time.

I properly met her on my third day of the semester. Of course I've had seen her in the classroom and around the corridors but there were too many new people to get to know everyone just yet. Needless to say, even If I hadn't had the chance to talk to her back then, her curves didn't went unnoticed for me. There were 5 fat girls in my class that year and she was probably the second smallest, merely chubby, pear shaped with a large ass and small waist and boobs. Really beautiful sweet face with blue eyes, small pointy nose and dark curly hair. For me that I was used to date skinny girls, that was heaven.

A soon as we spoke to one another the connection was immediate, It was pure chemistry. We liked the same movies and the same books, we both appreciated good music, we had a very compatible sense of humor and we were open to new relationships. After days of flirting and talking nonstop, we finally started dating. For the first time in my life I was immensely happy, little I knew that it was just the beginning.
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Ove-B219 3 years
nice, now ere getting somewhere. And ch 13 is great.
Casey 6 years
Great gain
Luisapio 6 years
I'm glad you liked it. I wrote the story on my mobile phone so there was loads of mistakes that I'm now editing. But don't worry there will be more chapters smiley