Expectations exceeded

  By Luisapio

Chapter 1 - Nothing ever ends

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This is the next chapter of my story with Rachel, my ever expanding girlfriend.

If you want the detailed account of our first years together, please go and read the first part of this story: "Exceeding expectations", otherwise, I'll put you all up to speed real quick.

Rachel and I first met in University back in 2012. Around that time, she was a chubby pear shaped girl who had always struggled with her body image and self esteem.
Me on the other side I'm just your regular dude. That is of course if you are not counting the fact that I'm a feeder and a FA. I never had a fat girlfriend and I never had the opportunity to make my fat related fantasies come true.
Both of those things were about to change, of course.

Rachel and I connected from the very beginning and our relationship was intimate and fulfilling. We were best friends and lovers and with the happiness of our growing love, Rachel's figure started to grow alongside.

She was always very insecure about her body and tried to hide her extra pounds with baggy clothes and dim light when we were being intimate. Of course that was unsustainable and one day while I was undressing her I got completely mesmerized with the sight of her new stretch marks. Red and wide, they ran across her abdomen, between her boobs and her belly button. I couldn't talk, I couldn't move, I was just frozen in place by the spectacular sight.
She, of course, interpreted the moment very differently and though that I was repulsed by the sight, she put her clothes back on and ran home crying.

It took me days to talk her down into letting me see her naked again, and to convince her that I found her absolutely beautiful and I didn't mind the extra weight in the slightest.

But you see, the root of Rachel's insecurities was her extremely fatphobic family. Fat themselves as they were, this bunch of hypocrites was always dieting and fat shaming Rachel, and years of this situation had created deep emotional scars.
While in Uni, Rachel didn't have to see them as she lived in a student accommodation, and she would space her visits to them as much as possible. This didn't stop the conflict that would occurred every time that Rachel would go to her parents, looking visibly fatter.

The situation grew more and more hostile as Rachel's grew more and more herself. Without her parents control she stopped dieting and the weight just kept piling up. Before long, she was 200 pounds and the situation with her family was unsustainable, specially during the holidays when she had to return home. Eventually when we finished college, she left her parents home for good and we went to live together.

Long story short, by 2020, when the pandemic was at its worst, we were living together in a different city, with very convenient jobs and plans to travel the world. As you can imagine, our plans went out of the window and instead we spent countless weeks at home teleworking and gorging with food. By mid year, Rachel had surpassed 350 pounds. And here we start the new chapter of our story.
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HappyBigBelly 3 weeks
Hugs if you guys are navigating some tough diagnoses ❤️ My wife and I had our first child together almost four years ago and she, too, had PCOS and is also more than 300 pounds. So it’s possible!
Softfatlover 3 weeks
may you guys be blessed with love and happiness forever 🥹💖
HappyBigBelly 1 month
Congrats on the apparent new addition :-)
Yeyeyiyo 1 month
OMG congrats dude!

i hope everything goes well with the new member of the family
Secretpassenger 2 months
What a great story! I can not wait for a update
Pucciarello 3 months
nice update!
HappyBigBelly 3 months
Love the update, however quick-hitting and all. So she’s still above 400 pounds, sweet! :-)
Pucciarello 3 months
Epic. Happy for you both
Yeyeyiyo 4 months
that’s an incredible gain! looking forward to know if she kept growing
Pucciarello 5 months
had been dying for an update
Luisapio 5 months
Sorry, I got a bit caught up with life but I'll try to catch up now. Rachel had a bit of a "growth spurt" recently and I want to get to that.
Pucciarello 5 months
That sounds amazing. Can't wait to hear about it
Pucciarello 10 months
looking forward to more!
Yeyeyiyo 10 months
Incredible story, really hoping for an update
Pucciarello 11 months
great update!
Pucciarello 12 months
Fantastic update!
Pucciarello 1 year
Great update! Looking forward to the rest!
Pucciarello 1 year
the wait is killing me
Pucciarello 1 year
looking forward to see where this goes!
Pd500 1 year
Chapter 14 really opens the door for more!
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