Expired visas

Chapter 1 - the investigation letter

Expired Visa

I just started my new job a a policeman. It didnt take much to get into. Infact the most effort I put in to get here was the fitness test and that wasn't that hard. I never work out or exercise but dont really sit down and do nothing a lot either. I have never found running or anything athletic very hard so the fitness test was a breeze. I ate healthily not normally having fast food. Standing at 6ft 3" and weighing 176lbs I was slim I had 6 pack abs and pecs and big biceps but never worked to get them. I was quite happy with the way I looked. There was only men in our police force. They weren't all as fit as me. Infact non were anywhere close. There was Harry that was around 6ft and probably weighed about 240-250lbs and had obviously recently gained the weight as the shirt buttons on his black button up police uniform gaped when he sat down. His stomach rested heavily over his crotch and when he stood covered half of his police tool belt. There was also Chad who was around 6ft 2" and he probably weighed around 230-240lbs and his shirt was tight but not as tight as Harrys there was less of his stomach bit it was definitely there when he sat his stomach only covered half of his crotch and when he was standing it sat heavily on top of his belt only sagging slightly but his weight was apparently new too judging by his shirt. And then there was John who was also new but not as new as me. He had begun to fill his shirt that looks like it was a medium or a large john was taller than me at around 6ft 4 and he probably weighed about 200-215lbs his stomach was tight against his shirt but no buttons gaped his stomach rested on top of his belt. Realising that weight gain came with the job, I decided that I had been healthy all my life and wasnt going to fight it if it came. I lived on my own and was 28 I had given up on relationships, women only wanted me for my body and didnt care about anything else so I had no one to impress so any weight gain was welcome.

I was there for a month and my eating habits had changed drastically. Salad was off the menu completely. At work there was always doughnuts around and everytime I passed them (quite often) I always made sure to get one, even if I wasnt hungry. I was really enjoying my new lifestyle which pretty much consisted of sitting, driving, eating and sleeping. My metabolism appeared to be really fast but that was expected as my previous lifestyle was healthy and active ish. You could still see my 6 pack and pecs and biceps really well but I did notice that all of my trousers were a little less roomy and no longer had to wear a belt outside the police to keep my trousers from falling. I weighed myself which I didnt do very often and it read 184lbs a gain of 8lbs. It didnt show and if my trousers didnt let me know I wouldn't have noticed. I received an investigation into a pizza place. The paper read-

Dear Mr Liam Martin

It is suspected that Millens Pizza Place has 4 employees working there that have expired visas, the employees that work there are all Italian should have all returned to italy or renewed their visa which none of them have.

Their names are -
John Abramo
Samuel Abello
Simon Caivanno
Alberto Batresse

They all work on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They work from 4pm to 1 am. Your job is to gather as much information about them as you can and write it up on an iPad we will provide.

You have been chosen to get information on the suspects. You will go about this by going into the Millens and ordering yourself a pizza on the days listed above which you will be provided the money for. Your pay will be doubled. Weight gain may occur and we will give you $1000 for clothes each month. Your new salary will be $60,230 PA plus clothes and pizza money. The investigation will continue for 12 months and after the 12 months you will keep earning $60,230 but will no longer receive clothes money or pizza money but you will also keep the iPad.

Yours sincerely
Sgt. Jones
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