Getting out of the army

chapter 1

Finally i was going home for 6 months. Im in the army and have been for 10 years. 10 years ago being in the army was all i wanted to do, i loved the danger. Now i have Amy my wife of 3 years i don't want to be in danger anymore because i want to be able to be there always to protect her. I want to get out of the army now but i cant quit unless im medically discharged or deemed unfit for the job. Im not unfit and i have nothing medically wrong with me. I was excited to get home because when i get there me and amy are packing and leaving again. Were going on a 2 week cruise and relaxing together.
When i finally arrived home i opened the door and immedietly got pounced on by amy she wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed me.
"i missed you so much"amy said
"i missed you too"
"i got bored of waiting for you so ive packed all of your clothes and other stuff" amy said clapping her hands in excitement
"thanks" i said grinning
"welcome now you can put it in the car and we'll drive down. Are you driving or am i"
"ill drive i haven't driven in ages"
On the way we talked about what wed been doing while we were apart. Amy had been taking cooking classes and apparently had become really good at cooking and baking and had become top of the class with her cooking skills.
We arrived checked in and went to our room on the cruise ship. It was huge. Like everything was huge. The bed the chairs tables tv sofas. We unpacked and went in search of food. I had a double steak and bacon burger and chips while amy had a salad. I was stuffed when id done but they brought out the dessert menu and i couldn't resist. I ordered a chocolate sundae, when it came it was the biggest thing youd ever seen. I forced every delicious bite down my throat not wanting to waste any because of how good it was. We then went back to the room me cradling my heavily bloated gut. I stripped off and got into bed.
The next morning i woke up with a weird feeling. My stomach felt weirdly empty and i felt sick i was so hungry. I had a shower and got dressed into some shorts and a button up short sleeved light blue shirt. Me and amy then went to get food. Amy ordered a special yogurt with lots of fruits in, i ordered a full English breakfast, it had 4 sausages, 4 hash browns, 2 eggs, 3 slices of toast, 6 rashers of bacon and some mushrooms. I was stuffed again after that and my shirt buttons were gaping. I went and laid in a chair next to the pool and unbuttoned the shirt to feel the sun on my body.
"i wish it could be like this all of the time" i said
"what do you mean?" amy asked
"us together, i wish i could come out of the army and get a proper job and come home to you every night rather than living away for months and months on end"
"i wish we could too" amy said sitting up
"i just wish the army wasn't so difficult to get out of" i said also sitting up so i could face her, my gut making me painfully aware it was still there and about to burst.
"i wish we could though wouldn't it be nice to do things like this more often, to be able to go on holiday like this or just pack up one day and go away for the weekend."
"thatd be amazing" i said scratching the side of my distended gut.
"your gut! Thats it!" she exclaimed
"what do you mean my gut?"
"theres weight restrictions in the army right?"
"yea? Why?"
"because you could gain weight to get out!"
"youd want a fat husband?"
"well actually yes, you stuffed yourself so full last night and got that little gut and i loved it so much and then youve done it again this morning, its amazing"
I blushed.
"oh nooo don't be embarrassed i love it its nothing to be embarrassed about." She reassured
"i do enjoy feeling this full and it would be nice to not have to worry about what i was eating anymore"
"so is that a yes?" she said grinning from ear to ear
"yay!! Whats the weight limit?"
"15 stone 3"
"and how much do you weigh now"
"11 stone 2"
"so what should we get you upto?"
"if we go for 16 stone and see what thats like? If i don't like it i can come back down again but just wait till im out of the army first"
"yes that sounds amazing"
Over the next 2 weeks i made a conscious effort to eat loads more and of the most fattening foods on the menu. It was definitely paying off. By the end of the first week my trousers were getting snug. By the end of the second they were unbearably tight. One thing i didn't think id do though was fall in love with the lbs added. I loved getting fatter already. Eating whatever i wanted whenever i wanted and however much i wanted. When i got home me and amy went straight to the bathroom,she loves my growing gut too, i stepped on the scales and it showed i had gained 8Lbs i was now 11 stone 10.

TO BE CONTINUED...........................
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