Finding his true self

Chapter 1 - running away

'''he was painfully full but he still wanted more. She cut him another thick wedge of the moist chocolate cake and held it up towards his mouth. He eagerly awai....." I stopped typing and shut my iPad. I was in the park sitting on a bench. I come here sometimes to catch up on my workload. Today I just fancied coming down and writing a weight gain story. I was typing away then a man sat down next to me so I stopped, and closed the keyboard case over the iPad. I leaned back into the seat and quickly glanced his way. He was staring intently at me which made me blush. He was gorgeous! He had dark hair and blue eyes with a stubbly beard thing, he was very broad shouldered and his muscular arms bulged through the sleeves of his button down shirt he was wearing. He looked a lot taller than me maybe 6ft3 and he was wearing business clothes.

"Don't stop on my account" he said
"O-oh n-no it's fine I just finished" I said cursing myself for sounding so nervous
"Can I read it?"
Shit "umm I don't think it's something you'll like"
"How do you know? We only just met"
"Not many people like it and it could change your whole opinion of me"
"It's fine I have a very open mind I'm sure it's not that bad"

I took a nervous shaky deep breath and opened my iPad and typed in the passcode. Scrolled to the top of the story and then slowly offered it to him. He took it and started reading the screen. He held the iPad in his lap and I stared at the screen scared of what he was thinking as he was reading through what I had just written. I noticed a bulge in his crotch he moved uncomfortably and then crossed his legs to try and hide it. He read to the end of it and handed me the iPad back, then without another word he got up and walked off. I was confused, he was aroused by it but he hadn't stayed. I wanted to go after him but I didn't have the courage to pursue that idea.

****authors note****
Gonna be small chapters as I'm going to try and structure this story don't ask how coz I've never done structure before I'm just gonna try organising them better so different things happen in each one rather than getting to the 10000 character limit and going onto the next page
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