Fast food

Chapter 1 - eat up!

He had been coming to the burger restaurant for months. What started out as a skinny boy coming in for an occasional quick meal became a regular chub spending every other night eating burgers until his belly was filled to the max. The past two weeks he had begun to come every night and even multiple times during the day to satisfy his growing gluttony. I never got the chance to fully watch this 250 lb stud in action.
Tonight was different though, I was alone for a closing shift. Late at night we tend to have very little customers, except for the newly obese chub. During the emptiness of no customers, I made sure to be in the back making as much food as possible. Tonight, I feed this tub of lard. *Ding*
The bell chimed signaling a new customer, and I saw him walk in. He was wearing a t-shirt and athletic shorts that fit him several pounds ago. His shirt outlined a pudgy belly and tight sleeves that incased his thickened arms.
He ordered his normal burgers, fries and milk shakes then proceeded to sit in a booth. His gut bounced as he sat down. When I looked down at the register to give myself cover, I heard the scuffling of table. The fat bastard had to push the table slightly away to let his belly rest on his lap.
He seemed to go into a trance almost, the only thing that seemed to control his focus was the food in front of him. In no time he had finished his now easy meal, and I knew I had to make my move. I told him he was our late-night special costumer and had won all the remaining food we had. He blushed saying he actually need to loose some weight. I poked his belly, feeling it's soft firmness, I told him he could fit more.
Tray after tray of food I brought him. Burger after burger, shake after shake went down his gullet. His shirt started to rid up exposing his flabby gut. I don't know how it was happening, but I certainly wasn't going to stop it.
I walked out to check on the whale, only to find him leaning back in his booth. His shirt was off and his arm were up on both sides of the booth.
"Fuck man, look at me" He patted his massive gut. Waves shook his blubbery frame. He had to have gained at least 100 lbs easily, which only seemed to drive him more. He shifted his weight and standed up making his swollen gut bounce.
Just as this fat ass began to get ready to leave, I grabbed his wrist. I told his about the milkshake machine behind the counter and how it had a funnel he could chug from. He looked down at the beach ball in front of him and said he wasn't sure if he should. I stuffed another burger in his mouth and he started to walk to the counter.
The pig sat on the floor under the machine with his mouth open. I stuck the funnel in his mouth and turned the machine on. He moaned as the liquid flowed into his mouth, with both hands on the sides of his ample belly. I began to massage his belly, feeling the fat cells expand rapidly. The calories continue to fall into his mouth and his belly continued to creep across his lap. His loves handles grew from his sides forcing his arms to move to feel his belly, along with his legs and arms. His legs looked like massive sausages in his shorts that struggled to contain his growing legs. A ripping sound could be heard as his fat cells over took the space they could contain.
The rumbling from the machine came to a stop and the funnel fell out of his mouth. His eyes began to flutter as the energy his body exerted to tolerate his expanse began to exhaust him. I helped him up and his belly hung down. He laughed and grabbed both sides of his belly shaking it. Waving moved through his form making his now massive tits and triple chin quake. I wasn't done yet, this fat ass was going to be immobile.
I helped him waddle to the back, where he landed on the kitchen floor with a thud. I continued to feed the hog all the burgers and fries of his dreams. His body bloated with the new girth. With a sudden shutter, his belly forced it's way forwards with hundreds of pounds. His legs were forced apart and his arms hung at his sides. I continued to fill him up, laying on the soft cushion of his belly fat.
The sun began to rise, and the last burger entered the lard blob underneath me. His belly contained hundreds of pounds of buttery fat. His massive form was only complimented by the massive breasts that looked like a normal fat man's belly. What used to be normal arms and legs were useless appendages only capable on helping contain the fat he stored. His arms rested on the massive rolls that were his love handles and legs gave way to allow for his belly to shake with the slightest movement. I could see on his bloated face he was smiling, he began to laugh causing his chins and entire form to shake.
Thank goodness we were closed today, because know I have a glob to have fun with. 😉
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