Supermarkets are fattening

Chapter 1 - 1

It was almost 1 am when Nate realized he was out of food in his apartment. His stomach growled loudly as he saw at the glow of the nearest 24 hour supermarket from his balcony.
"Well, no sense in going to bed on an empty stomach", he thought. Although tomorrow was his cheat day, the jock decided to jog there just for the heck of it.
As he walked in he was greeted by the only cashier, "Hi, welcome to Cravings!".
Walking around and trying to decide how to start his cheat day right, he noticed his stomach seemed to be growling more and his hunger was growing. Adding all kinds of junk food and drinks to his kart, he noticed another guy browsing the aisles. He was around the same age as Nate, but was much heavier. His kart was filled with all different kinds of ice cream, and he patted his belly as he stood staring at the frozen section. His jeans and t-shirt revealed a chubby body, a doughy belly with nicely sized moobs. His arms were chunky and thighs thicker than Nate's waist. Nate guessed him to be around 300 lbs, but based on his soon to be too small clothes he was only getting bigger.
Just that moment Nate pasted by, both their stomach growled in unison. The chub laughed.
"It's that time of the night for snacks, I guess!" Nated laughed.
"I feel you man, I've been so hungry tonight I can't seem to satisfy this monster" The man said as he slapped his belly causing it to shake.
They both laughed and parted ways down opposite sides, and Nate moved to check out. Oddly, however, not a soul was around and the main doors of the store were shut. He wanted to investigate further but hunger called him yet again as his stomach gurgled loudly.
"If I'm going to pay for it, it's not stealing if I eat this now", he thought as he munched on some chips. He began to walk around the store, thinking that maybe the cashier had stepped out for a moment. With every mouthful, he only felt hungrier leading him back to the soda and chip section.
"It is my cheat day, technically, so I guess some more wouldn't hurt." He thought as he mindlessly munched. Nate seemed almost oblivious to some of the changes that were happening. As he went through another bag of chips his body had begun to start growing. What used to be chiseled abs became a small belly, and his muscles lost some definition under his softening features.
A strange moan a few aisles broke him from his trance, but was caught yet again by the intense feeling of hunger. He didn't just feel hungry, he was STARVING. Starving for all the food normally forbidden fruits his diet kept him from.
It was like he was in a trance of eating and stuffing, which was taking its toll on his body. He stood up from the pile of wrappers and soda bottle around him, with some difficulty balancing under his new girth. Nate had gone from a slim 180 lbs guy, to a positively chubby fat boy. His shirt only covered his belly up to his now deep bellybutton, with nicely rounded moobs on top. The muscled arms and legs that he had once worked for were thick and juicy. Although his shorts had stretched with his gains, they were beginning to struggle with his much larger ass.
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MangaBL 5 years
I like this story very much!!
Hubbert2995 5 years
Upload more chapters please
Fatgaining 6 years
Definitely needs more chapters. Very good work so far love it
Growrnshowr 6 years
Loving it! Hits all the buttons for me. Can't wait to see them both get immense!