Fattening lifestyle.

Chapter 1 - the dare

"Oooh..." Leah groaned in her chair. Slapping her large stomach and adjusting her seating position in the chair that her ass was filling completely. She had consumed just about everything in the restaurant because of a stupid dare. Said person who dares Leah to consume one of everything on the menu, charlotte, held up the last cookie. Leah slowly opened her mouth and bit down on the treat. She swallowed and gulped it down. She opened her mouth and ate the rest of the cookie too. Charlotte clapped and giggled.
"I guess you proved me wrong." She said. Leah responded with just a moan of discomfort.
"Oh let me help you out sweetie." She swiftly unbuttoned Leah's jeans, making her beach ball sized gut spill out and tear her jeans a little. A sigh of relief was heard which sounded more like a moan of pleasure. Charlotte groped Leah's chubby thigh, causing her to let out a little hum of pleasure. Charlotte used her finger to make a line up from Leah's thigh to belly and poke her finger into her deep naval and planting a kiss on her belly. Leah, face now tinted red from blushing, squirmed in her seat but was too weak to fight off Charlotte.

Leah was forced to sit there and do nothing while Charlotte played with and rubbed her belly along with other body parts. Leah thought about how much weight she gained before this meal and how much she'd gain after.

It started a few months ago, Leah would start snacking more often, she would get seconds and thirds at dinner, she started working out and exercising less, staying in her room and eating all day and only leaving for school. The scale went up and up 140... 150... 160... 170... 180... she gained nearly 40 pounds in a few months. The only people that really noticed were Leah and Charlotte. Once you saw it though, you couldn't unsee it. Her belly pokes out, her skirt looked tight and stretched, there was a definite bump in the back of Said skirt, even her chest area was pushed out a little.

And now she was here, eating one of everything on the menu and being at the mercy of her touchy best friend.

The next morning she got on the scale and grabbed her love Handles. 185 pounds. She sighed and looked at herself in the mirror. Her belly overflowed in her tight black panties that where hugging her hips. She had more belly roles instead of just one large one. Her thighs even looked like they had expanded. She was on her way to 200 pounds alright.

She got a message from Charlotte.
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GrowingLoveH... 6 years
You really packed a lot of great writing umph into just a few paragraphs. Wonderful! I would love to see more.