Fattening school

chapter 2

To my surprise we are not immediately shown to our dorms, but lead into a large gym with wall ladders, crash mats and other various bits of apparatus. I didn't even think they'd have a gym in a school like this and I wonder what it could possibly be used for. We filter down along one wall and standing before us in the middle the teacher calls out in a voice which sounds unnervingly sterner than it did in the foyer just a few moments before.

"Good morning. My name is Mrs. Foster and I'm deputy head of the lower school which comprises forms 1 and 2, which means that I'm going to be overseeing the development of all you girls for the next two years."

That all sounds very foreboding, and I exchange a glance with the girl standing closest to me.

"Now, I don't know what you've heard or been told about this school from your families and friends, whatever you think it's about or whatever you think you will be doing, I want you to forget all that now because we will be starting from fresh. That's right we will be starting from a clean slate, so please drop any preconceptions you have right now."

"Ok, so the first thing we're going to be doing is getting to know each other a bit better, so I want you to all put your bags down on the bench behind you, take off your clothes down to your underwear, underwear only please ladies, and leave your clothes neatly in a pile."

A murmur starts up and we look at each other in astonishment and disbelief at what we're being asked to do. I feel myself start to flush because I'm not even sure if I'm going to be able to do what she wants. I had assumed we'd have carers to help us do such things or at least that's what I'd been told, I can't even remember the last time I had to undress myself because my parents have always done it for me. I turn to see the reaction of the other girls who are equally looking around with wide eyes and open mouths. Some have already started undressing and not wanting to be last to finish, I follow suit. It feels funny undressing myself but I quickly get the hang of it, pulling my top up over my head and slipping my leggings down over my large stomach and bottom. The only part I struggle with is bending over far enough to reach down my legs, which just convinces me further that fat girls are not supposed to do this type of thing. I see some of the other girls sitting on the bench for this part so I decide to do the same.

"When you're finished I want you all to line up in one long line down the middle of the gym please."

It's curious to see just how overweight we all are now that our fleshy bodies are exposed. I notice more than a few large tummies flop and wobble as we hurry to line up as told, my own belly included as the ample fat shakes and ripples before me. I squeeze in beside two other girls, one tall and stocky, more the build of a rugby player than a dumpling, and the other slightly shorter but with a large rounded tummy and unusually large breasts.

"Now then, let's see what I've got for pupils this year."

From the far end I can just see Mrs. Foster walking down the line of girls, stopping to examine each one in turn as if we were on parade.

"What a fat lot you all are. You know they raised the starting weight by a stone this year, not that it would have been any problem for you girls, you look like you've all been force fed from birth."

She suddenly raises her voice, "Let you're stomach out dear!"

Her eyes glare at one girl who visibly shrinks before her, and she slaps her painfully hard on the front of her doughy belly.

"There's absolutely no point in holding it in at a fattening school. How ridiculous! What, do you think I'm going to consider you too fat?"

I cringe for the poor girl and hurriedly relax my own stomach muscles, letting my belly hang out as far as it can. I keep my eyes focused straight on the wall ahead, dreading my teachers approach as she works her way down the line towards me. She stops at the girl to my left who starts to visibly shake, and as she moves to stand in front of me, I feel my limbs go weak and I start to tremble uncontrollably. Time seems to stand still as she slowly looks me up and down. I feel her eyes reading my exposed body like a book, as if she can see every large meal behind my wide girth, as if each soft roll of fat speaks for all those extra treats I've consumed over the years.

"Look at me girl" she says sternly.

I desperately try to raise my eyes to look her in the face.

"I can see you have some potential."

She doesn't smile as she speaks what I guess is a compliment, but reaches out with strong slender fingers and gently runs them over my thick soft rolls of stomach fat. The awful events of the previous girl are still in my mind and I concentrate on relaxing my muscles, letting my belly hang out as far as it can towards her.

"Tell me, what did you have for your last meal?"

My mind whirls with panic as I try to think back, but the answer comes from my stomach which is still stretched out with the food.

"Egg, bacon, toast..."

"Fried toast?" she quickly interrupts.

"Yes" I continue, "...tomatoes, sausages..."

"How many?" she demands.

"Four..." I panic. Was it actually four? I try to think back.

"And what else?"

"Afterwards I ate two croissants...t...two Danish pastries...and...um...a Snickers bar and...t...then my mum gave me a weight gain shake."

"And you have that every morning?"

"I think so."

Her eyes widen momentarily at such a hesitant answer but then her face softens.

"Good" she replies, "I can see you're going to do well here. Don't be surprised if you fatten up very quickly in the first few weeks."

She brings two fingers up under my chin and raises my face to look at her, "We get a girl like you every so often, naturally soft and flaccid, born to be obese I always say."

She taps my double chin making my fleshy face ripple then quickly moves on down the line. I breath a sigh of relief, but am left feeling somewhat confused. My new teacher appears to be a right old cow, I don't think we're going to get on at all, but then she did compliment me and none of the other girls. I really don't know what to think.
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