Feed cycle part 2 (the fat factory chapter 3)

Chapter 1 - feed cycle part 2 (the fat factory chapter 3)

Once Sammy had seen the beast burger, she immediately rang her buzzer, she had to get staff, a man came to her room "what's up?"
Sammy told the man about what shed seen on YouTube, about the beast burger, and what it contained, 2.2 lbs of meat, Sammy got excited just thinking about it. Sammy smiled at the staff member, "is there any way I can get one of those burgers delivered here, I really want one"
The man smiled" whatever you want love, I'll put an order in for it now, for you"
Sammy said she wanted twice the amount of fries with the giant burger, she wanted extra BBQ sauce mixed with mayonnaise and extra cheese.
The order went out to a local burger bar, the staff who cooked, the giant burger, looked at the order in total shock, "35 burgers in one, really?"
Once it was complete, the burger was placed in a large plastic tub, with all the fries, then it was driven to the facility for Sammy.
That day the double sliding door to her room opened, a large trolley was wheeled into the room, the man looked at her, " just for you"
Sammy bounced up and down with pleasure, she looked at the massive burger, as it was brought into the room, "oh my god, its huge, yum" Sammy was getting turned on by the size of the burger, she looked up at the man, " did you cook it here?"
The man laughed, "no we had it put together at a local burger chain, near here, there was no way it was coming from the UK, its all there, 35 regular burgers, and all the bits to go with it, including 2 x bricks of fries, and a large chocolate thick shake, enjoy"
The burger was placed in a 4 foot square plastic tray fitted to a trolley, which sat just above Sammy, she stared at the Mass of food sitting in front of her.
Sammy wasn't sure whether anyone had actually eaten the beast burger in one go, she didn't even care, as she lent forward, she grabbed the burger in both hands, her arms squeezed against her fat body, Sammy opened her mouth , stuffing as much of the Burger in as possible, she took a huge bite out of it, then grabbed the thick shake, her stomach started to make noise's, as she sat back, she could feel the mass of food she eaten drop down into her enormous stomach, which bulged out, like she had an over inflated balloon, in front of her, Sammy crammed the rest of the burger into herself, after just half an hour, Sammy devoured everything, every last chip, every piece of meat was gone, Sammy couldn't move, but sat watching the television, in front of her, the man came back, "all OK?"
Sammy looked at him, I feel stuffed for once, that was just incredible, I could eat one of them daily" Sammy started to feel horny, food gave her a sexual urge, she couldn't overcome, except by more mass feeding, Sammy thought maybe the sexual urge came from the drugs she had been taking for these years, she wasn't sure of anything except food.
Sammy was subconsciously turned on by feeding and food, the more she ate, the more she wanted to feed again.
After a couple of hours Sammy fell asleep, it was one of the side effects of the drugs, and or how much she'd eaten, Sammy could sleep for long periods, always sitting, she couldn't lay down because of her weight, so she had to stay sat up , 24 hours a day.
After Sammy had slept, she'd wake up andcstart feeding again, she didn't eat like normal people, morning, afternoon and evening, Sammy stuffed her face when she wanted to, which was pretty much all the time, She was awake. There would be deliveries of food and takeaways, turning up also 24 hours a day, it was continual, as long as Sammy was eating, she was happy and contented.
Two days after she'd consumed a whole beast burger, the the two buckets of fries, Sammy ordered 2 more beast burgers together, with four bricks of fries, and more chocolate thick shakes.
Then Sammy sat in her room stuffing meat pasties pizza, waiting for the mass of food to turn up.
Sammy waited watching more Television, more adverts for food, obviously seeing adverts for food, while on the drugs, she was taking, had boosted her appetite, but it wasn't just a physical addiction now, it was a mental one as well, her brain was now programmed, it kept telling her to eat, more and more.
When the 2 beast burgers arrived , Sammy did what she did before, bouncing up and down like a giant fat kid, her legs thighscand bum rippling, as she bounced, " yes its come, mmmm" Sammy licked her lips in anticipation, unlike before, Sammy didn't stare at the vast amount of food, but jumped straight in, ripping the burgers apart with her nwre hands, while she kept stuffing the large amounts of food into her mouth, gorging, even before the first lot of food had gone down into her stomach, Sammy had shoved more food into her mouth, it was surprising she never choked, Sammy's hands kept grabbing huge chunks of meat and fries it was frenzied, she was still getting more and more turned on when she ate, and the fatter she got. Sammy couldn't stop eating , cramming bits of burger and more fries, into her ever growing stomach, her stomach itself made strange noises, as she kept up the frenzied feeding, her stomach trying desperately to digest the tons of junk food, inside her.
After just an hour and a half, Sammy had eaten the lot, she TV before passing out, asleep, still sat up because of her immense size.
Sammy felt like there was something still missing.......
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