Feed cycle

chapter 3 feed cycle (the fat factory part 3)

8 years later, now aged 19, with her blonde hair done up in short pig tails, Sammy was still sat in the same place at the facility, she'd been for the last 9 years, still being spoilt rotten at the facility, Sammy had become a super obese bratt, who just binged 24/7, Sammy told the facility what she wanted to eat all day, and they got it, constantly making lists of what she'd consumed.
Sammy now weighed 900 lbs even her clothes had to be specially made more often.
Now even when she was full, and her large mass was sat exhausted from all the eating, Sammy still felt hungry and wanted more, it was like she couldn't control her appetite anymore.
The cameras still filmed Sammy filling her face, with the food being ordered, quicker than she could eat it, whoever watched Sammy through the dark web, could now see a wide variety of rubbish and containers with food still in, pizza boxes, KFC boxes, McDonalds wrappers and plastic tubs containing anything from ice cream to Chinese takeaways, all piled up in her room, ready for her to gorge on.
More injection's meant more feeding, Sammy felt like she was in a giant feeding hamster wheel, she almost couldn't move at all now.
Sammy also wanted to see her mum again, she missed her mum desperately, all Sammy had, was a picture in a frame in her room, the picture had been taken a month before Sammy arrived at the facility.
One afternoon one of the men in charge, came in to see sammy , it was one of the men that always had a smile on his face, it felt sinister, but he'd always been nice to Sammy, "Sammy were going to try you out on a new meat supplement, to see how you get on with it"
Sammy sat like a giant squashed, ball, she wasn't bothered what she ate, as long as it was in plentiful supply.
Just before she emptied another 4 litre bucketvof strawberry ice cream, Sammy asked, "what's in it?"
The man looked cagey, "one day you'll find out, but at the moment, its a secret, we created it at the facility, all I can tell you is that its a new meat product, but its cheaper and thats its in plentiful supply" then he smiled again and left. Then Sammy carried on stuffing more food into her mouth, she thought about the new meat supplement, as long as it tasted OK, she was cool with the idea.
While Sammy was sat watching tv, she clicked onto youtube, she sat and watched a documentary about , ' the beast burger', she watched eagerly, it had been made from 35 regular burgers, a whole brick of fries, 2.2 lbs of meat, 40 slices of cheese, 20 slices of bacon, burger relish. A whole head of lettuce, tomato and an onion, and the equivalent of 3 loafs of bread. It was made at Blacks burgers Epsom UK.
Sammy shouted at the TV screen, " I fucking want one"
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