The fat factory

chapter 1 big kid

Sammy stuffed herself as a child, from a young age she ate everything. School was all but impossible for her, she couldn't get there, when she had been to school Sammy was mocked and ridiculed for being over weight but shectried not to care about the taunts.
At the age of 10 sammy weighed 450 lbs, she'd reached immobility at an early age, later that year, her mother was approached by men dressed in suits, they said they'd been interested in helping Sammy with her weight, her mother said that she couldn't help her daughter anymore, the men said Sammy would be taken care of, Sammy would be taken to a special facility for fat children. Sammy's mother thought hard about her daughter going away, but agreed it would be good for her to lose weight, thebmen came back with a special video of doctors helping large children, Sammy's mother agreed to let her daughter to go to to the facility.
The two men said that they would be back in a week to pick up Sammy, and take her to her new home.
A large black van was sent to pick up Sammy, the special crane, hoisted her into the back, and was driven 80 km, the back of the van was filled with snack foods and fizzy drinks, Sammy ate everything that was around the back of the van, her giant bum bulging out around her, she stuffed all the snacks, then downed a 2 liter bottle of coke.
The gates of the facility were like that of a maximum security prison, men in black uniforms guarded the main building, An army of men came in white jackets came to introduce Sammy to the facility, Sammy was put into a special wide wheel chair, and taken to a room, the room would he her home for the time being, but Sammy had absolutely no idea just how long. Sammy sat down on a reinforced matriece, Sammy was given clothes that were to baggy for her, "Why the bigger clothes?" The carer lookedcat her, and smiled, "don't worry you'll grow into them" Sammy was excited and strangely worried, "mother told me I was here to lose weight", the man was creepy, but somehow Sammy felt reassured, the man looked at her, "All you have to do is what you love best, stuff yourself"....
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Mega Fatty 5 years
Another part is coming soon
Pepper1985 5 years
Loving it already. Can’t wait to read more
Theswordsman 5 years
Im curious to see what happens next