Just feed me (the fat factory part 2)

Chapter 1 - just feed me (the fat factory part 2)

Over the next couple of month's Sammy accepted that although she thought she was going to lose weight, how much fun it was going to be gaining. When Sammy had been at home, her mum tried desperately to stop her from eating everything all the time, but now it was open season, she could stuff her face as much as she could, mum wasn't around to say no.
Sammy had gained 100 lbs, she noticed how her already large bum had grown, and her legs had grown fatter, a man appeared in her room, "how's Sammy, there will be more food for you soon, first some more injection's, OK" Sammy nodes, "ok, what is there to eat?"
The man smiled, well we have some BBQ, chicken wings and some burgers then that mixture you like with mixed double cream and chocolate gateaux" Sammy grew more excited, she loved the mix especially, it was an instant Fattener, which she had given to her in several huge bowls, the injections were to make her eat more, she was shown adverts for food all the time, it drove her crazy, because she'd never been treated like this, what she wanted she got, everything, even XXl nappies, which she had changed for her, the only thing that kept her mind away from food was the PS4, she loved gaming when she wasn't eating.
Sammy thought about her mother all the time, but Sammy's mother had been told she was losing weight, she was even shown pictures of Sammy air brushed, Sammy's mum was hoping that her daughter would return home one day, but the facility had different ideas.
Sammy was asked if she minded the facility to putting cameras up, she a green, soon there was a live feed of Sammy eating and playing on her PS4, but Sammy had no idea what was going on, only accessible through the dark web, people watched Sammy grow, stuffing everything she could, it wasn't long before Sammy started bigger food binges, Sammy was having fun and there was no one too tell her off.
One afternoon, one of the men came into her room and informed Sammy that her mother killed in a car accident, Sammy was distraught, now none of her family knew she was in a special government controlled facility, as she got more depressed, she ate more, the men at the facility noticed her weight climb dramatically, the information could used to see how people react to life changes, eating and depression, Sammy was given more food. Was there no end.....
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